Strategic Financial Solutions and Ryan Sasson Stumble and Get Pounded

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and seven state attorneys general sued Strategic Financial Solutions (SFS) and its web of shell companies for running an illegal debt-relief enterprise. The CFPB and state attorneys general also sued the chief architects of the illegal enterprise, Ryan Sasson and Jason Blust. The CFPB and attorneys general allege the …

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People That Got Scammed by Robocall Debt Relief Company Life Management Services of Orange County to Get Money Back

The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General are sending refunds totaling more than $540,000 to consumers nationwide who were defrauded by Life Management Services of Orange County, LLC, and related companies who tricked them into paying for worthless credit card interest rate reduction and debt elimination programs. The average check amount is $117. The FTC is …

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HomeAdvisor and Angi to Pay Up To $7.2 Million and Stop Deceptively Marketing its Leads for Home Improvement Projects

Another Half Assed Attempt to Fix Federal Student Loans With Bankruptcy

The Federal Trade Commission today issued a proposed order requiring Denver-based HomeAdvisor, Inc. – a company affiliated with Angi, formerly known as “Angie’s List” – to pay up to $7.2 million for using a wide range of deceptive and misleading tactics in selling home improvement project leads to service providers, including small businesses operating in the “gig” …

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FTC Goes After Timeshare Exit Players That Allegedly Target Older Folks

The U.S. Department of Justice, on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, and the Wisconsin Attorney General, filed suit today against Consumer Law Protection and related companies, along with their owners and operators, Christopher Carroll, George Reed, Louann Reed, Scott Jackson, and Eduardo Balderas for scamming consumers—mostly older adults—out of more than $90 million in a …

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FTC Nails Business in a Box and Crypto Investment Recycled Schemes. Here We Go Again.

Have I Been the Victim of a Fake Payday Loan Debt Collection Scam?

The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against DK Automation and its owners, Kevin David Hulse and David Shawn Arnett, for using unfounded claims of significant returns to entice consumers into moneymaking schemes involving Amazon business packages, business coaching, and cryptocurrency. The FTC’s complaint alleges that the defendants promised consumers that they could “generate passive income …

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The Most Assinie Debt Relief Scammer Call From Visa and Mastercard Debt Relief

I got one of those hated robocalls. This one was from the Visa and Mastercard department, letting me know they could eliminate my debt under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I thought I’d play along. Go on. “You need to take advantage of this special limited offer for the government to eliminate your debt,” said …

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Geek Squad Scam Email – Beware

I just received an email claiming to be from Geek Squad. The first reaction nearly everyone will have to an email like this is bewilderment. My heart also jumped a beat, and I’m used to fielding scams for others. But that panic only lasted a second. Once I looked at who sent the email to …

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Tayne Law Group Threatens Unhappy Customer But is There a Better Way?

On September 29, 2022, a consumer complaint was submitted and published by a consumer representing they were a client of Thayne Law Group. See this consumer complaint. People will be unhappy, and sometimes a company and a client will have disagreements. Therefore, at the end of the consumer complaint posts, I provide a link to …

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Scammers Going to Scam. Mortgage Relief Jerks Stopped From Screwing Over Vulnerable Consumers

Mortgage Relief Scammers Stopped From Screwing Over Vulnerable Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission and the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) are taking action against various companies doing business as Home Matters USA, Academy Home Services, Atlantic Pacific Service Group, and Golden Home Services America, and the owners of the companies, Dominic Ahiga, and Roger Scott Dyer, for operating a sham mortgage relief …

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