The IRS Resumes Collections Notices: What You Need to Know Before It’s Too Late

Average person Not Prepared Anymore for Money Troubles

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that it will resume issuing collections notices to taxpayers that were previously suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some important points to note: No date has been set for when the notices will be sent out, but the IRS has a detailed plan in place to stagger …

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Expecting Student Loans Forgiven? Expect to Pay Taxes in These States.

It is still up in the air if the Biden student loan forgiveness plan will become a reality. CNBC reports that Republicans are considering bringing legal challenges to prevent student loan forgiveness. Although no lawsuit has been brought yet, GOP attorneys general from states such as Arizona, Missouri, and Texas, as well as Sen. Ted …

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You Can Make the IRS Stop All Collections if You Do This

Persons with lower income who owe income taxes can often qualify for “Currently Not Collectible” (CNC) status and not be required to pay their past due IRS taxes. Therefore, it is not that difficult to obtain CNC status if you are in the lower-income bracket. Income Requirements You can qualify if your income is within …

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