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Make Money Paying Your Neighbors’ Property Taxes

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Every homeowner knows the joys of paying property taxes. And unfortunately, the Great Recession has made it tough for many people to pay the bill. When a homeowner fails to pay their property taxes, a lien is placed on their home and the tax lien certificate is later auctioned off to investors. Anybody can participate in a tax lien auction ... Read More »

WV Residents Screwed by JK Harris Get Full Refund

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Attorney General Darrell McGraw Secures Refunds for Victims of Bogus Tax Compromise Services by JK Harris CHARLESTON – In a settlement reached today by West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw with a South Carolina tax resolution firm, consumers who paid the company to resolve tax obligations with the Internal Revenue Service but were provided with no relief will receive a ... Read More »

California Attorney General Ask Court to Toss “Tax Lady” and Lawyer Roni Deutch in Jail

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In a case that has continued across a change in Attorneys General, the current California Attorney General Kamala Harris has asked a California court to put Roni Deutch in jail for shredding millions of pages of documents that would probably have come in very handy in the lawsuit by California against the Tax Lady. Deutch showed herself to be a ... Read More »

Get Free Help and Advice From Former IRS Agent

I’m proud to announce that Jim Buttonow has agreed to assist readers with tax issues for free. Jim is a great guy and certainly a very knowledgeable tax expert. I have no reservations in recommending him as an expert to help site readers. Jim is a licensed CPA who spent 19 years with the IRS coordinating large compliance teams of ... Read More »

Owe The IRS? Here Are Eight Awesome Insider Tips to Make it Less Painful and Cheaper

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The following guest post was contributed by Jim Buttnow. Jim is a licensed CPA who spent 19 years with the IRS coordinating large compliance teams of IRS agents and specialized personnel. In the last 5 years, Jim has invented consumer and practitioner software and treatises on how to address many different tax issues. He has also represented many people before ... Read More »

IRS Says It Will File Fewer Tax Liens

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In an article brought to my attention by a great tipster (send in your tips here), the IRS says it will file fewer tax liens and make it easier to get those liens removed from credit records once the debt has been resolved. Kind of a form of legal credit repair. In these tough economic times it can be helpful ... Read More »

H&R Block Gets Cut Off on Funding For Refund Anticipation Loans

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Bob Lawless over at Credit Slips is reporting an interesting development that tosses a wrench in the gears for H&R Block and their continued promotion of Refund Anticipation Loans for people that believe they will get a tax refund. Lawless said in his post: I used to think of these firms as tax preparers with a high-priced lending product attached ... Read More »

If You Thought the Recession Was Bad, Wait Till You See The Tax Problems Many Will Have as a Result

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Jim Buttonnow from easyIRS.com sent me over the following article to post in an attempt to warn consumers of the looming tax problems to come as a result of living through tough times. He raises some very important points and issues that will undoubtably catch consumers and land them in trouble with the IRS. This will lead more people to ... Read More »

Roni Deutch, the Tax Lady, Ordered to Stop Accepting Fees From Consumers

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Roni Deutch, the lawyer who sells a national tax relief service, is expected to be ordered by California judge that she can no longer accept fees from consumers until further notice. This stems from a suit filed by the State of California in their “Heartless Scam” action. The Sacramento Bee is reporting: In a tentative ruling Monday, Judge Shelleyanne Chang ... Read More »

Owe The IRS? Former IRS Agent Tells You What You Need to Know to Deal With the IRS.

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Jim Buttonow and I met recently and had a chat about tax relief companies and what people need to know about how to deal with tax problems. Bear in mind, this interview was recorded prior to the latest FTC announcement that enforcement action against tax relief companies will be suspended for now. Jim Buttonnow from EasyIRS.com and I talk about ... Read More »

Oh, Jackson Hewitt, What a Ponzi Mess

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It is being reported today that Jackson Hewitt Tax Services is being sued for selling a franchise to a felon who then roped consumers into a Ponzi scheme and took their money. The felon named his franchise Simple Financial Solutions, and apparently, simple it was. Jackson Hewitt negligently hired Daniel L. Prewett, who’d pleaded guilty to 12 counts of grand ... Read More »

It’s Official, Tax Relief Providers Not Happy Campers. It’s Their Turn, Turn, Turn.

I don’t quite know where the tax relief industry was during the whole process to regulate the debt settlement industry. A process that took a couple of years by the way. But all of a sudden, with new regulations that will apply to the tax relief industry going into effect on October 27, 2010, the tax relief industry is waking ... Read More »

FTC Warns Consumers to Stay Away From Tax Relief Companies

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The Federal Trade Commission has issued the following warning to consumers. It’s good advice. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Owe Back Taxes? Tax Relief Companies Can Result in More Pain than Gain We’ve helped thousands of people settle their tax debts for a fraction of the amount owed. We can stop wage garnishments, ... Read More »

Is Tax Relief the Next Debt Relief Scam to Watch Out For? American Tax Relief Under Fire.

In the news again is yet another tax relief company to find itself in hot water. American Tax Relief of Beverly Hills, California made claims that they could settle tax debt for pennies on the dollar. As big and scary as the Internal Revenue Service is, many jumped at the opportunity to make their debt somehow painlessly and magically disappear. ... Read More »

Nightclub Boss Roughs Up and Threatens to Shoot Debt Collector

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  Photo Credit: mbsurf Bristol Crown Court in England had their hands full today when a case involving a nightclub boss that threatened to shoot a debt collector collecting a £4,000 debt owed to the city passed over their desks today. Nightclub boss, Cam Mu, is being accused of having armed himself with a rifle and kicking Christopher Simcock, bailiff ... Read More »

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