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Cell Phone Provider to Pay Millions for Throttling Data. Refunds Available.

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TracFone, the largest prepaid mobile provider in the U.S., has agreed to pay $40 million to the Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that it deceived millions of consumers with hollow promises of “unlimited” data service. The FTC’s complaint against TracFone alleges that since 2009, TracFone has advertised prepaid monthly mobile plans for about $45 per month with “unlimited” data ... Read More »

    ConsumerCellular Targets Retired Citizens With Affordable Cell Phone Plans And Senior Friendly Telephones


    A few weeks ago Steve came to me and said, “hey, do you think you could find the cheapest cell phone service for someone that talks less than 120 minutes a month using the site ConsumerCellular.com?” “Of course,” I thought. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I started my search by heading over to ConsumerCellular.com where they provide a service to find affordable plans ... Read More »

      Morgan Drexen Won’t Stop Calling Me.

      Ready to Collapse

      A reader from Ohio reported the following issues regarding Morgan Drexen telemarketing. “Morgan Drexen. Unless they want to buy me out im filling suit against them very soon. They have been calling non stop to finish our conversation and finish paper work. Even though I have NEVER spoken to them other than my recent calls to tell them to stop ... Read More »

        “What’s In Your Virtual Wallet?” – The Future of Mobile Commerce

        SXSW 2011 hosted a phenomenal conference this year with interactive, film and music media seminars. As part of the interactive section there were a handful of financal seminars about the future of shopping, lending and banking. One particular session that caught my interest was one entitled “What’s In Your Virtual Wallet?” featuring representatives from PayPal and eBay/RedLaser. This session focused ... Read More »

          Odd Comment About Angels Communications Solutions Makes Me Take Another Look

          Last year I wrote about the “Free Telephone” service that’s not. The article started because of a commercial I saw on television. Maybe you’ve see the following commercial. [quicktime]http://getoutofdebt.org//wp-content/uploads/IMG_0023.mov[/quicktime] You can read that July, 2010 article here. Today I received an interesting comment through the typo form on that article. You are sighting individuals that are not affilitated with the ... Read More »

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