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Business Models

Debt Settlement Fee Structure in Relationship to Client Success Rates

Fee vs Success

Debt settlement industry insider Scott Johnson sent me this interesting chart based on the numbers he has reviewed from the different models. His data shows consumers are graduating at higher rates and getting lower settlements from performance based debt settlement companies. He determined, a performance based debt settlement model will result in 57.5% of consumers paying back between 57% – ... Read More »

    Here is How to Financially Screw Consumers With the Debt Double-Tap Method.


    A disturbing trend is becoming clear that some companies promoting lawyer backed debt relief services have in fact created a clever little model for cleaning out consumers and making twice as much money. Basically what happens is the lawyers get the exclusive client for essentially free since the consumer winds up paying the marketing costs of the affiliate selling them ... Read More »

      Debt Free Options Catches Eye of Tipster

      Debt Free Options

      A site tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following statements about Debt Free Options at debtfreeusa.biz. Doesn’t make sense, they say “…reducing your debt by up to 70%” but then say “beware of debt settlement” Did they use enough BBB logos? So I took a look. Sure enough Debt Free Options does use a lot of references ... Read More »

        1st Choice Family Solutions Selling Services of Platinum Auto Auditors

        A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in an email they received from 1st Choice Family Solutions regarding their auto loan audit / car modification program. According to the video on the linked site below the service costs $599. The promotional video makes it appear there is a clear relationship between 1st Choice Family Solutions and Platinum Auto Auditors. ... Read More »

          Cyrus Global Proclaims “Debt Settlement/Management IS OBSOLETE!”

          Cyrus Global Marketing

          Cyrus Global is back again with a new sales message for selling debt related services. Last year I wrote about Cyrus Global and promptly got attacked by them in the comments. Take the time and read through the comments on that article to see their responses. Not seven months ago Cyrus Global was selling that their version of debt settlement ... Read More »

            Notary Network Appears to Sell Way Around Telemarketing Sales Rules for Debt Settlement Companies

            In a recent press release, NotaryLink, a document signing service, talks about how it can help debt settlement companies deal with new regulations by having the notary network go out and gather signatures. The recent guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission regulating the debt settlement industry have created an opportunity to help small business owners and solve the growing ... Read More »

              Previous Employees of United Law Group Help Start Brookstone Law

              Brookstone Law Credit Repair

              Update 4-8-2011: Brookstone Law is involved in seeking consumers to join mass joinder cases and while this article talks boldly about Brrokstone Law I’ve also published others in which I’ve praised Vito Torchia, Jr. of Brookstone Law. Anyone reading this article and wanting to know more about the reality of the players in the mass joinder space should see Vito ... Read More »

                Tax Investigation Corporation Sells Affiliates on Bypassing FTC With Tax Relief

                Become a Debt Management Affiliate with TaxIC.001

                A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me the following presentation from Tax Investigation Corporation. The cover email said, “Our programs allow you to maintain control of the client and set your own fees while our Tax Resolution affiliates handle the case work.” That certainly seems like a big invitation for consumers to pay some wild amounts for these ... Read More »

                  Hey Debt Settlement Affiliate. You Know The Attorney Network Program We Promoted a Month Ago? Well.


                  More than one tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following email. In itself it is not all that newsy but what struck me is that it was only one month ago that The Attorney Network was bragging about their wonderful affiliate program. See Goooood Mooooorning….Potential Affiliates. The Attorney Network. The irony in the new message is that ... Read More »

                    Debt Collection Attorney Wants to Sell You Debt Settlement Business Opportunity

                    Law Firm Business Opportunity

                    This article comes from a fabulous tipster (send in your tips here) that brought the following web advertisement to my attention. What caught my eye initially is the selling of a business opportunity with a “Law Firm with more than 17 years in the Debt Collection Business.” – Source. So who is the attorney or law firm? If it is ... Read More »

                      Let’s Play Do They Comply. Isn’t This Bankruptcy Fee Splitting?

                      Bankruptcy Affilaite

                      A tipster (send in your tips here) brought my attention to rest on the following page from the Debt Alternative Center. The question is, isn’t this legal fee splitting? DMP Shocker On the same site, debtalternativecenter.com, I came across the page to be a debt management affiliate which says the affiliate can charge the consumer from $300 to $1,400 for ... Read More »

                        Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Steps Up and Answers Questions Raised by Tipster

                        Not long ago I published a list of questions about Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. See Working on Legal Helpers Story. Need Help With These Questions. I received an answer from Jason Searns, Esq., Managing Partner, from Legal Helpers. Below you will find his answers to the questions posed to the public. The questions in that previous story looking for information ... Read More »

                          Credit Solutions Allegedly Cancels BCBS Health Insurance for Current and Former Employees

                          Credit Solutions Cancels Health Insurance

                          A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a letter purported to be from Credit Solutions that says effective December 31, 2010 the health insurance plan offered to employees, past and present, is cancelled. The letter dated December 10, 2010 says that in 21 days the health insurance insurance offered to current employees and past employees, via COBRA is ... Read More »

                            Florida Debt Settlement Company Calling Consumers in Canada

                            I received the following email from a tipster (send in your tips here) in Canada regarding Consumer Debt Advocate. If you have any additional information on the company making the calls, please use the tipster (send in your tips here) form or comment below. I attempted to call the number given, 1-866-559-3503, but it only leads to a recording for ... Read More »

                              Hey Debt Care Processing. How is This Complaint?

                              Debt Care Processing

                              A wonderful tipster (send in your tips here) sent in this email Debt Care Processing, a TASC member, recently sent out in an effort to recruit affiliates. What struck me was the statement that the program was FTC compliant but claimed to offer “face-to-face” signing and a setup fee. The face-to-face signing benefit seems to be a service offered by ... Read More »

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