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Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act S.3264 Oh So Not Dead

Ready to Collapse

On the phone today and had some very enlightening conversations with inside sources on the Hill who must not have received the memo that S.3264 the Schumer-McCaskil Debt Settlement Protection Act is dead and forgotten, killed by TASC and USOBA lobbying. Members on the Hill are preparing to continue pushing S.3264 and are very confident it will get passed. We ... Read More »

USOBA Suckers Republicans to Influence the Federal Trade Commission Against Debt Settlement Regulations

FTC USOBA Cover Letter

In a move that flies in the face of protecting consumers at large, the United State Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) has enlisted the help of the following Republican Members of Congress to attempt to sway the Federal Trade Commission from issuing upcoming rules that will impact upfront fee debt settlement companies. The cover letter the Congressmen appears to clearly ... Read More »

Dave Burke and Real Talk Network Attempt to Bar Reporter With Restraining Order

Recently the ABC television station in Denver, the home of Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network, broadcast an investigative report into the operation of Burke and looked into claims that consumers were being ripped off and scammed. As a result of that work and the attempted interview by the investigative reporter, rather than talk to the press and address ... Read More »

Auto Loan Modifications From Auto Relief Group, Consumers Call Them a Scam

Here is a comercial from an entity that advertises themselves as the Auto Loan Reduction Center. The problem is, after searching, I can’t find any company really named the Auto Loan Reduction Center. – Source. And quite frankly, I’m not surprised. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/AutoLoanReductionCenter.flv /] Lately I’ve noticed more advertisements and mentions of auto loan modifications or truck loan modifications in ... Read More »

Freedom Debt Relief Makes Pitch in LA Times, We Are Not Scammers

Ready to Collapse

Freedom Debt Relief, a member of The Association of Debt Settlement Companies (TASC) contacted David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times and tried to make the pitch they are whiter than white. Robert Linderman wants you to know he isn’t a scammer. Oh sure, he may be general counsel for Freedom Debt Relief, California’s largest debt-settlement company, and he may ... Read More »

Just In, Dave Burke and Real Talk Network Not Authorized to do Business in Colorado

Real Talk Network Colorado Corporate Status

I just received an email from the State of Colorado which pointed out to me that as of June 1, 2010 the corporate status of Dave Burke’s Real Talk Network has just been changed to noncompliant for failure to file an annual report. See below. Click image for larger view. Click image for larger view. Update: June 2, 2010 – ... Read More »

Breaking Down the Misleading and Deceptive Financial Sales Pitch From the Get Real With Dave Burke Radio Show

I admit, using the words misleading and deceptive is pretty strong language to use to describe a radio show. In this case it is the “Get Real With Dave” Dave Burke radio show. Burke has been on the air buying time for at least a couple of years. Until May, 2010 he was pitching his radio shows as “Real Talk ... Read More »

Get Real With Dave – Problematic Dave Burke Changes His Branding From Real Talk Network

Get Real With Dave

Insiders affiliated with the problematic Dave Burke operation, “Real Talk Network”, that has an F rating by the BBB (source) had warned me that Burke was attempting to change his branding to shed his troubled past with consumers. The BBB has also added to their warnings about Dave Burke Real Talk Network by now saying: Your BBB has notice a ... Read More »

Credit Relief Act. Are You Eligible? Appears Intended to Deceive Innocent Consumers.

Credit Relief Act Web Site

I discovered an advertisement for a site called Credit Relief Act (creditreliefact.com) that appears, in my opinion, designed to intentionally confuse and mislead consumers into thinking there is a government program to reduce debt. The advertisement I saw said: Obama Credit Bailout Plan See if You Qualify for the Obama Credit Reform Bailout Plan See Now. The site does mention ... Read More »

Non-Profit Debt Settlement – Financial Hope for America. Who Are They Really?

Financial Hope for America Site

Last night I saw an ad for a non-profit group promoting debt settlement. It was a company I had not heard of before called Financial Hope for America. It piqued my interest to see a non-profit group wandering so boldly into the debt settlement arena, especially when the domain name I saw advertised was non-profitdebtsettlement.net. Rather than just give you ... Read More »

What Debt Settlement Trade Associations Have in Common With the Payday Loan Industry – Denial.

Ready to Collapse

I was reading an article on the payday lending efforts to stop legislation that would regulate their industry and I thought the comments made about the payday lobbying efforts had a direct correlation that what has been happening in the debt settlement world, especially with the belief that regulation is dead since the Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act was not ... Read More »

Text of HR 5387 Version of Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act of 2010

Ready to Collapse

Here is the text of HR 5387 that was proposed in the House of Representatives. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? HR 5387 IH 111th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 5387 To amend the Consumer Credit Protection Act to provide for regulation of debt settlement services, and for other purposes. IN THE HOUSE OF ... Read More »

It’s Confirmed. FBI Looking Into Debt Settlement Companies

Ready to Collapse

I just got off the phone with Special Agent Dupre from the FBI who confirmed that as part of their economic crimes push the FBI is looking for cases involving consumers that have been defrauded by debt settlement companies and other economic crimes. Special Agent Dupre told me they are looking for “violations that rise to the level of opening ... Read More »

Oregon Creates Web Page to Turn in Illegal Debt Settlement, Debt Management and Credit Repair Companies

Ready to Collapse

The State of Oregon now has a dedicated page on their site for consumers to report ads for debt relief companies. Apparently Oregon is also targeting debt relief companies that advertise on the web as well as television. radio and mail. The page says: HELP STOP ILLEGAL DEBT MANAGEMENT COMPANIES IN OREGON Have you heard or seen ads for companies ... Read More »

HR 5387 Introduced to Regulate Debt Settlement Services

Ready to Collapse

I don’t have the text of the bill yet but HR 5387 was referred to the House Committee on Financial Services on May 25, 2010. The bill amends the Consumer Credit Protection Act to provide for regulation of debt settlement services. The sponsor of the bill is Rep. Luis Guiterrez, IV of IL and cosponsors are Rep. Keith Ellison of ... Read More »

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