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It’s Official NationalDebtRelief.com Sends Out the Dumbest Debt Relief Press Release – Ever!

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Yesterday I spent the day working on the new consumer credit and debt news portal I’ve been building for readers. You can see a preview of the work in progress, here. I spotted the title of a press release fly by but I will admit it didn’t make me laugh till a reader sent it in and I had to ... Read More »

    Robby Birnbaum is Everywhere. Board Member of National Association of Responsible Credit Repair Advisors

    Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 4.49.02 PM

    A reader sent in a tip about an association, National Association of Responsible Credit Repair Advisors (NARCRA). This group says it “is an organization dedicated to improving the reputation and quality of the credit repair industry.” – Source Ironically the reader didn’t mention anything about Birnbaum being involved. They just wanted to let me know about a new credit repair ... Read More »

      Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Allegedly Winding Down Business After Settling Class Action for Millions

      In an article out today by Ameet Sachdev of the Chicago Tribune, for which I was interviewed, we learn an interesting fact. Jason Searns, the firm’s general counsel, said publicity surrounding the lawsuit and settlement has made it hard for Legal Helpers to attract new customers outside Illinois, and the decision was made to cease operations after servicing its existing ... Read More »

        Latest Targets of Connecticut Enforcement Actions – June-July, 2012

        Here is a summary of the latest enforcement actions against debt relief companies from Connecticut. Hopefully their experiences can become lessons learned so others can avoid the same fate. As you can see below, it’s been kind of a slow month. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Debt Relief Servicing WHEREAS, the Notice alleges ... Read More »

          The Law Center for Consumer Debt and Craig Zimmerman Hit With Georgia Class Action Suit

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          On July 10, 2012 Gerad Dure and Elza Dure filed suit (2:12-cv-00161-WCO) against The Law Center for Consumer Debt, Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman, Craig Zimmerman, and Madonna Powers. The Georgia class action suit alleges the Denendants violated the Georgia Debt Adjustment Act that strictly regulates the business of debt adjusting and specifically limits the charges, fees, contributions, or combinations ... Read More »

            Lloyd Ward & Associates and Meracord Hit With RICO Class Action Suit Apparently Open to All Clients

            Yesterday the law firm of Hagens Berman filed a class action suit (3:12-cv-05657) in the State of Washington against Meracord (Formerly NoteWorld), Linda Remsberg personally, Lloyd E. Ward, Lloyd Ward PC, Lloyd Ward & Associates, The Lloyd Ward Group, Lloyd Ward Group II, Ward Holdings Inc, and Settlement Compliance Commission. This marks the second active class action suit against Lloyd ... Read More »

              Nationwide Processing Center / National Student Loan Solutions – Site Review

              Nationwide Processing Center | We make it easy!

              Company Name Nationwide Processing Center / National Student Loan Solutions Address 14151 Newport Ave. Suite 204 Tustin, CA 92780 – Source Additional Contact Information Email: info@my-npc.com Website: www.nationwideprocessingcenter.com Phone: Toll-Free : 888-411-1919 Office : 714-734-1000 Fax : 714-734-6700 – Source Company Description Nationwide Processing Center is a full service Federal Student Loan Debt Consolidation company. We actively advocate for those ... Read More »

                First for Me: Inmate Runs Debt Relief Company?

                Screen Shot 2012-07-24 at 1.07.04 PM

                As I do every day, I scan the news for new and interesting items that have something to do with the debt relief world. I must admit this little item is a first for me. Jeffrey W. Paul, who presently resides in a prison in Indiana, is appealing a recent verdict on another matter. In fact he is suing the ... Read More »

                  Ut Oh, New Bankruptcy Estimates Out

                  Fitch Ratings, the global rating agency that proves banks with prospective credit opinions, research and data, is expecting a further decline in personal bankruptcy filings for 2012. That news only spells a lessened demand for other debt relief services like credit counseling and debt settlement. If consumers are not seeking protection under bankruptcy, historically, demand for the other ancillary services ... Read More »

                    A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services Pulls the Plug on Debt Management

                    Ready to Collapse

                    A tipster (send in your tips here) just sent in this email purported to be from A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services announcing their withdrawal from providing debt management services. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? “Hi Everyone, Please be advised that effective immediately A New Horizon will no longer service debt management clients; ... Read More »

                      Debt Settlement Advice for Debt Settlement Companies and Consumers – Part 6 – How to Do Simultaneous Settlements

                      Ready to Collapse

                      One of the reasons I have been writing these articles is to shed some light to the industry about settling debt simultaneously, its reliability, and its advantages for consumers. Our evaluation process at Debt Relief A La Carte is probably more broad than the typical debt settlement approach. So, to help debt relief companies identify simultaneous options and opportunities, this ... Read More »

                        Greenpath Pays Credit Counselors More

                        Screen Shot 2012-07-19 at 5.01.29 PM

                        A reader forwarded me a link to a site called Glassdoor where people can do salary searches for specific jobs by salary or opening. The results are kind of interesting. If you sought to be paid the most as a credit counselor, according to Glassdoor, the last place you want to work is Arizona Federal Credit Union. The highest paying ... Read More »

                          Debt Settlement Myth #6: It’s Safe To Take 36-48 Months To Settle My Debts

                          Ready to Collapse

                          This is the sixth in a series of posts discussing the most common myths about do-it-yourself debt settlement. Most traditional debt settlement firms are still quoting program durations of 36-48 months, sometimes longer, and clients are led to believe that it’s safe to take that long. By “safe,” I mean a low risk of lawsuit activity. After all, multiple lawsuits ... Read More »

                            Golden Financial Services No More Credit Cards Site is an Embarrassment to the Debt Relief Industry

                            About us | Credit Card Debt Relief at No More Credit Cards (20120718)

                            I’ve previously written about the marketing efforts of Golden Financial Services but the press release sent out by them today is frankly, just flat out embarrassing. The press release is to promote a website “No More Credit Cards.” The release identifies Rachell Donovan as the contributing editor of the site and quotes he as saying “debt settlement or debt negotiation ... Read More »

                              Miracle Debt Elimination Tool Revealed at Comic-Con

                              Photo Credit: ElfDomx

                              Marketers were besides themselves today at Comic-Con as a major new debt relief tool was revealed. “This will be big, I mean really big,” said one debt relief salesperson that was happy to speak on record but could not remember his last fake name he used. “Johnny, who am I this week?” “We are going to be selling this shit ... Read More »

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