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Dave Burke, He’s Back Promoting Debt Relief After Being Slammed Shut by Colorado

Dave Burke's New Website

A tipster (send in your tips here) just sent me in a note that old Dave Burke, the guy behind the Real Talk Network that was sued out of existence by the State of Colorado, is back in business promoting his financial coaching. Want to read the saga behind Dave Burke, click here. To summarize, Dave Burke had this pitch ... Read More »

    Ideas for Creating Better Debt Relief Products, Services and Delivery

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    In a previous article published on the GOOD site, I asked the question: Is the debt relief delivery system broken? The article outlined the statistical failings of different options consumers seek in order to get relief from debt they can no longer afford. I also identified several reasons for the shortcomings and encouraged industry participants to share ideas for how ... Read More »

      North Carolina Calls Consumer Law Group Bogus in Settlement Announcement

      It appears an issue with North Carolina and Consumer Law Group finally came to an end. You can read past stories about Consumer Law Group here. What was most interesting about the Consumer Law Group action North Carolina took was the definition of what true attorney representation was in a debt settlement program. Not only did North Carolina not buy ... Read More »

        Proof of Illegal Fee Splitting With Attorney Model Debt Settlement Company

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        A tipster (send in your tips here) has sent in an email that came from one of the attorney model debt settlement companies still operating. The email makes mention of the company signing up new affiliates that were looking for a new home after leaving Bay View Law Group. The most interesting part of the email is the following statement ... Read More »

          Consumer Disclosures in Debt Relief

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          When a person is struggling with debt and looking for outside help from a company or person, they should certainly have risks and rewards disclosed to them. Ideally, the disclosures would help a person to best evaluate which direction to take for help, and who to trust. A recent article by Elisabeth Rosenthal in the NYT: I Disclose… Nothing helps ... Read More »

            How to Motivate Debt Relief Company Sales Staff and Not Screw Consumers

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            There is a very interesting conversation going on in the comments right now over on another post by Michael Boveee, Debt Relief Options for consumers – Is the delivery system broken? The comments on appropriate staff motivation and compensation are very important to the success of the debt relief industry. Finding the appropriate solutions and balance to direct staff to ... Read More »

              Credit Counseling Camp With Animal Management Training

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              Now here is something you will never see in the U.S. but I applaud our debt relief brothers and sisters in India. “Village council chairmen, Hd. GBs and VDB secretaries from twelve villages under Longkhim, SBI Branch participated along with Farmers’ Club members from seven clusters of villages promoted by Better Life Foundation have attended the training programme. During the ... Read More »

                Debt Relief Options for consumers – Is the delivery system broken?

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                Most of the debt relief services industry works less than 30% of the time. It could use a tune up. Imagine if the car you are driving has a six cylinder engine, but four of them did not function. You would do something about it, right? Even if doing something meant replacing the car? Most would. Not the debt relief ... Read More »

                  T Bank Former President to Face OCC Charges Over Processing Credit Repair Payments

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                  OCC Will Hold Hearing on Charges against Patrick Adams; Agency Seeks Personal Cease & Desist Order and $100,000 Civil Money Penalty The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today announced a public hearing before an Administrative Law Judge beginning Monday, January 23, 2012, concerning an enforcement proceeding against Patrick Adams, former President and Chief Executive Officer of T ... Read More »

                    Court Freezes Assets of Debt Relief Company Premier Savings

                    Consolidate Credit Card Debt | Premier Savings (20120118)

                    At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court has frozen the assets of a telemarketing operation that allegedly charged consumers hundreds of dollars based on bogus promises to either provide them with low-interest credit or refund their money. The court also has ordered the illegal conduct to stop while the FTC moves forward with the case. ... Read More »

                      Whitman v. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Global Client Solutions, Macey Bankruptcy Law

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                      On January 13, 2012 Jeanne Whitman filed suit against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Global Client Solutions, Macey Bankruptcy Law in South Carolina. The suit allegers the Defendants violated the South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, the South Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act, acted fraudulently by representing it would provide legal services, made false and negligent misrepresentations, and the defendants conspired. This ... Read More »

                        Best Debt Solutions USA Has Me Stumped. Why Can’t I Verify What They Say?

                        Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 2.13.29 PM

                        I recently got an email pitch from Best Debt Solutions USA that wanted to recruit me as an affiliate. I get these sorts of things from time to time and never do anything with them. But this pitch and their site have left me scratching my head. According to Best Debt Solutions USA they are “a relatively new company, but ... Read More »

                          Credit Counseling Compliance Tips to Start 2012

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                          Jonathan Pompan of Venable has released a good set of five tips for credit counseling groups to consider to make sure they remain in compliance. This is a great article to be read in conjunction with My Debt Relief Industry Forecast for 2012. Pompan’s tips include: Include class action arbitration language in client contracts. Get ahead of the Consumer Financial ... Read More »

                            Scathing Report From Allegro Law Debt Settlement Bankruptcy Drags In Others

                            Allegro Law was an attorney model debt settlement company that charged advanced fees for services to consumers. The group previously fell and Keith Nelms, Esq. was subsequently disbarred and filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, taking client deposits with it. The Allegro Law debacle follows in line with the mess created previously by Hess Kennedy, another attorney model debt relief firm ... Read More »

                              Summary of 2011 Consumer Complaints and Scam Reports

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                              The site hosts the Debt Relief Consumer Complaint Scam Database where consumers can file reports against companies they feel took advantage of them. In 2011 there were 189 consumer complaints filed. Here is a breakdown on those reports. Complaints by Consumers Were received from: Alaska: 4 Alabama: 2 Arizona: 3 California: 25 Colorado: 2 Connecticut: 1 Florida: 10 Georgia: ... Read More »

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