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Credit Counseling Industry Accused in Potential Historic Turning Point Lawsuit

A lawsuit I’ve been following since it became publicly available back in the middle of October has become a major milestone in what could spell the death of credit counseling as we know it I first learned of this case about six months ago when it was developing but I’d not written anything about it at that time. In fact ... Read More »

    A New Horizon Credit Counseling Agency. Busting 501(q)?

    A New Horizon response to Steve Rhode_page1

    An industry insider sent me an email that A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services is sending out. The tipster (send in your tips here) was curious how A New Horizon could so boldly offer compensation for credit counseling referrals when IRS code and some state regulations prevent that. IRS SEC. 1220. ADDITIONAL STANDARDS FOR CREDIT COUNSELING ORGANIZATIONS. (q) SPECIAL RULES ... Read More »

      Credit Counselors Clueless. I Have a Dream of a Better Debt Relief Industry

      Ready to Collapse

      Recently I had a chance to listen to a conference call of non-profit credit counseling agencies. It was a highly enlightening hour of my life and confirmed what I was hoping was not true. I’m sad to tell you today, after listening to the call, the majority of the non-profit credit counseling agencies don’t have a clue what their own ... Read More »

        Amerix Files Suit Against CESI Debt Solutions

        A tipster (send in your tips here) brought to my attention a suit that was recently filed by the back office processor against the non-profit credit counseling agency, Consumer Education Services, Inc, aka CESI Debt Solutions. According to the suit, the issue at hand is one of a contract dispute between the back office service provider, Amerix, and the non-profit ... Read More »

          Bay View Law Group Sends Consumers Back to Servicers.

          Ready to Collapse

          A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following email they received: From: Mahroze Baloch Sent: Friday, October 28, 2011 Subject: Letter to Servicers Dear Servicers, As we are all aware, the regulations passed on October 27, 2010 have impacted business growth and development. It is with these federal regulations that has made continuing business impracticable. As such, ... Read More »

            Debt Relief Legally Still in a Dispute With JAR Marketing and Legal Network of America

            Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 11.31.09 AM

            Previously I had published an open letter from Aubrey Jenkins at Debt Relief Legally, who had previously done business as Newport Liberty Group, Inc. Aubrey has contacted me and issued the following statement. Due to the letter received from counsel for JAR posted herewith and threatening legal action, we are removing our prior postings. I will continue my struggle to ... Read More »

              How Much Christian Debt Relief is Too Much Christian Debt Relief?

              A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) directed my attention to a press release sent out last Friday by Nationwide Debt Reduction. – Source The press release directs readers to the website for That’s where I found the marketing and information I’m going to talk about below. Once you land on the home page of Nationwide Debt ... Read More »

                All About New Era Debt Solutions

                credit card debt consolidation california

                Company Name New Era Debt Solutions Owners/Managers Dan Smith – President Alex Viecco – Vice-President Physical Street Address 295 Willis Ave. Camarillo, CA 93010 Contact Information 888-639-4050 [email protected] Website Description of Services Provided New Era Debt Solutions is a Full-Service Debt Settlement Company. By Full-Service we mean that all client services are performed under one roof in the same ... Read More »

                  Canadian Debt Settlement – Join the Next Big Wave of Residual Income

                  Canadian Debt Settlement

                  You can click on the image below to make it bigger. It was forwarded to me as an email that only contained the image. Anyone know who is behind this and what the sales pitch is? Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? I can always use your help. If you have a tip or ... Read More »

                    More Information About Marketing for Mass Joinder / Mass Tort Cases Under the Name of Lloyd Ward and Lloyd Ward & Associates

           Home Page

                    Yesterday I published an article about how Lloyd Ward and Lloyd Ward & Associates sued this site. Part of the claim was an unhappiness about an article I had published here. Here is what it says from the lawsuit. In June of 2011, Defendant Steve Rhode/GETOUTOFDEBT.ORG, published an article entitled “Lloyd Ward and Associates – UFAN – New Player in ... Read More »

                      NCO Agrees to Settle Chase Bank Account. Chase Backs Out of Deal.


                      Angelo Anzalone, president of Active Debt Solutions, has asked me to bring to your attention an issue with Chase Bank and NCO that concerns him regarding the backing out of a settlement agreement with Chase Bank USA. Anzalone states, “We reached a settlement agreement with NCO on a Chase account. The terms were as followed: $1,300 on June 30th $25 ... Read More »

                        Lloyd Ward and Lloyd Ward & Associates Sue

                        I report on issues when others have to deal with being in court so I thought I’d write about a very unusual event that happened to me as well. I thought, if I can write about others then I should be brave enough to cover my own issues also. On October 7, 2011 Lloyd Ward and Lloyd Ward & Associates, ... Read More »

                          The New Market for Credit Counseling and Recovery Service. You’ll Have to Move.

                          Ready to Collapse

                          There is new information about about an explosive growth in consumers needing debt relief services. While demand is dropping in the U.S., that’s not true in other places. According to newly released information, the demand for debt relief services grew by 10 percent last year. These services provided by Credit Counseling and Recovery Service (CCRS) step in and assist consumers ... Read More »

                            Debt Relief Industry Recovery Postponed Again. Consumer Confidence, Sucks!

                            Consumer Credit Counseling Trend

                            The latest consumer confidence numbers are out. It’s not good news. Apparently consumers are less confident now about the future than they’ve been in a while. The Consumer Confidence index dropped almost seven points from last month. Says Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center: “Consumer confidence is now back to levels last seen during the 2008-2009 ... Read More »

                              Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Backend Relationship and CDS Client Services in Appellate Court

                              Page 34

                              On October 24, 2011, Richard Epstein of Greenspoon Marder filed an appeal regarding Callow v. CDS CLIENT SERVICES, INC. a/k/a CDS DEBT RESOLUTION a/k/a CAPITAL DEBT SETTLEMENT, a California Corporation; MARK PENSO, individually; DAVID HENSON, individually; iVISTA ENTERPRISE INC., a/k/a ! VISTA ENTERPRISES, INC. a California Corporation, doing business under the fictitious name ZERODEBT USA; LENNY B. SPANGLER, individually; KELLI ... Read More »

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