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FTC Sues US Mortgage Funding, Debt Remedy Partners, LowerMyDebts.com, David Mahler, John Incandela, and Jamen Lachs

I had heard from multiple tipster (send in your tips here)s over the past ten days about an alleged raid on one or more office in Florida related to some action against U.S. Mortgage Funding. Here are the details of the FTC action against US Mortgage Funding, Debt Remedy Partners, LowerMyDebts.com, David Mahler, John Incandela, and Jamen Lachs that was ... Read More »

    Debt Relief Search Trends Continue to Show a Downward Decline

    Debt Settlement Trends

    Recently I wrote about my forecast for a decreasing demand for debt relief services. Here is another part of the puzzle that seems to show decreasing consumer interest in some specific debt relief topics using the Google trends search traffic monitoring tool. The data was filtered for U.S. searches only and as you can see, there are noticeable declines in ... Read More »

      Debt Free Options Catches Eye of Tipster

      Debt Free Options

      A site tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following statements about Debt Free Options at debtfreeusa.biz. Doesn’t make sense, they say “…reducing your debt by up to 70%” but then say “beware of debt settlement” Did they use enough BBB logos? So I took a look. Sure enough Debt Free Options does use a lot of references ... Read More »

        Debt Relief Providers to See General Slowdown Until Credit Loosens

        Ready to Collapse

        As part of what I’m seeing out in the debt relief world, the demand for debt relief services in general is slowing for everybody in the debt relief space. It’s been interesting to watch credit counseling blame debt settlement, and debt settlement blame bankruptcy and bankruptcy blame everyone for the lower demand for services. I just posted an article on ... Read More »

          Interesting Approach. Apex Credit. Pay for Credit Repair in Advance and Get Debt Settlement if You Need It.

          Apex Credit, located in California, has a new twist on selling debt settlement services. Company agrees to provide credit restoration services to (“CLIENT”) under the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the “SERVICE”). The Service consists of credit report cleanup and the negotiation and settlement with creditors of unsecured debt on behalf of the Client if necessary to obtain this ... Read More »

            Hutton & Dougherty. An Interesting Approach.

            A tipster (send in your tips here) brought a company called Hutton & Dougherty to my attention.The company is actually Hutton-Dougherty, Inc, a California corporation. Douglas Scott Hutton is an officer and Gerard M Dougherty is the registered agent. – Source. Gerard Dougherty is a lawyer in California. – Source. It does not appear that Hutton is a lawyer. He ... Read More »

              Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Amazing Website. Loaded for Bear.


              The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) website is up and interested people can subscribe to updates by visiting it. Visit consumerfinance.gov. Even from their featured logo you can tell they plan to be the cop on the financial beat. The enforcement chief of the CFPB is Richard Cordray. Cordary has already indicated he plans to come out swinging with ... Read More »

                Credit Answers Loopholing TSR With the Catalog Approach?

                Credit Answers Approach

                Recently I published a couple of articles on the Debt Mediation Initiative approach used by Credit Answers. See this article, and this one. What I had neglected to publish previously was something a great tipster (send in your tips here) had sent in showing how Credit Answers was continuing to collect monthly fees for services from month one after the ... Read More »

                  Liberty Debt Consultants, Trying to Old Defective Novation Approach Yet Again

                  A tipster (send in your tips here) brought a site for Liberty Debt Consultant to my attention. It appears they are attempting to use the old “we’ll take over your debt” or novation approach. The process begins when our principle company actually assumes the liability of your debt using an official notarized document. – Liberty Debt Consultants Only one problem ... Read More »

                    Credit Answers Still Pushing Debt Mediation Initiative. USOBA Kicks Them Out.

                    Credit Answers Mailer DMI

                    A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following mailer that went out recently to consumers. It is another version of the Credit Answers mailer I covered in Credit Answers Hides Behind DMI Mailer to Consumers. The mailer included a link that led to a web page that used the USOBA logo as you can see in the ... Read More »

                      DebtOne Financial Solutions and EnDebt to Pay GA Nearly Half Million in Fines

                      Ready to Collapse

                      Hat tip to a wonderful tipster (send in your tips here) for a heads up on this one. EnDebt, LLC, doing business as DebtOne Financial Solutions, LLC, and EnDebt’s owner, Eric Delariva, were ordered by a Fulton County Superior Court Judge to pay fines and restitution for a series of violations of Georgia’s Fair Business Practices Act as well as ... Read More »

                        Florida Finally Opens Investigation Into Nonprofit Credit Counselor United Financial Systems

                        United Financial Systems

                        The State of Florida has finally opened an investigation to look into the massive number of consumer complaints about the Florida nonprofit credit counseling organization, United Financial Systems. As of today there are 650 BBB complaints and 45 Florida Attorney General complaints filed. For past stories on I have written about the growing mess at United Financial Systems, click here. ... Read More »

                          Another Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Site Grows Out of Freedom Debt Center

                          I was reading a ripoff report complaint against Freedom Debt Center and when I clicked on the link for www.freedomdebtcenter.com it forwarded me to debtresolutioncenter.com which is owned by Jawad Nesheiwat. – Source, Source This is interesting because this is yet another site that pretends to be a law firm operating as Legal helpers Debt Resolution but is most likely ... Read More »

                            Final Notice for Credit Card Accounts – A Mailer to Throw Away

                            Express Settlement Services

                            A tipster (send in your tips here) forwarded me the mailer going out below. It has all the hallmarks of a mailer consumers should avoid. First off it pretends to be an official looking mailer and references programs like “The 2011 Credit Card Financial Relief Program” and the “2010 Economic Stimulus Package.” First off, there is no such thing as ... Read More »

                              Apparently Debt Quest USA Did Not Get the Memo From the FTC on Marketing

                              Debt Request USA

                              A wonderful tipster (send in your tips here) alerted me to the Debt Quest USA home page and the claims they are making. I was surprised to see a company still using advertising language that flies in the face of the FTC telemarketing sales rules. As you can see they say the typical client has their payments cut in half, ... Read More »

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