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Interview With Alex Viecco of New Era Debt Solutions About Their A+ BBB Rating

For those in the debt settlement industry I think the following interview with Alex Viecco with New Era Debt Solutions is important. New Era has just been awarded an A+ BBB rating in an industry where most debt settlement companies have an F rating. Alex talks about the process of getting their rating upgraded to an A+ and he even ... Read More »

    New Era Debt Solutions Scores A+ With BBB

    New Era BBB Rating

    For all the naysayers out there that said the BBB would never give a debt settlement company a grade higher than an F, well here is current proof that is not a true statement. Personally I think the most important step New Era took in helping to restore their rating, other than attend my Rally in Raleigh, was to publicly ... Read More »

      ADS Debt Settlement Marketing Agreement with Frank Loscalzo & Associates

      Ready to Collapse

      A tipster (send in your tips here) has sent me a marketing agreement from another company offering what appears to be advanced fee debt settlment services. The tipseter said: Ok, please find attached Marketing Agreement from LoScalzo & Associates. They have created an exclusive marketing arrangement with ADS Marketing Partners, LLC which is run by a David Miller / Anthony ... Read More »

        Does the Wave of Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) Suits Benefit Consumers or Lawyers?

        A tipster (send in your tips here) forwarded to me an article about Thomas Lyons, Esq. in Minnesota who was disbarred in 2010 for filing suits under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). While there is a need for consumers to have recourse in bringing legal suits against creditors for bad acts, ... Read More »

          Picasso Pawn – Debt Relief Television Commercial

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          Commercial Name: Picasso Pawn Record Date: 11-25-2010 Network/Channel: Jerry Springer Description: Commercial informs viewers to turn to pawning items in order to meet bills and other obligations. Interesting how it is sold as having no impact on your credit. [quicktime]http://getoutofdebt.org/member/video/PicassoPawn-20101125.mov[/quicktime] The debt relief commercial above is presented only as an example and archive of debt relief marketing and NOT AS ... Read More »

            SecureDebtUSA Offers $240,000/YR+ for Debt Settlement Sales Manager


            I think this story qualifies for a quick WTF. A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the employment listings for me to look at for a company called SecureDebtUSA. The reason for the WTF comment is I took a look at the SecureDebtUSA site where they claim “We were one of the pioneers in the business however debt ... Read More »

              Debt Relief Marketer Says It Will Pay a $10,000 Signing Bonus

              Ready to Collapse

              Here is a very interesting email from a basically anonymous company offering a $10,000 signing bonus for marketers who will sign on to sell attorney model debt relief services. I’m not sure who the company is but the return address was contact@reducebills123.net. What is very interesting in this email is the statement the consumer is going to be charged $299 ... Read More »

                CrediQuest Corporation and LegalAudix Marketing Services Face-to-Face Enrollment Agreement

                Monthly Enrollments

                A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following agreement on face-to-face marketing services by CrediQuest. I love my tipster (send in your tips here)s. They always send in the most interesting things. CrediQuest apparently provides services to Law Firms that want to sell debt relief services to people. I’ve bolded the interesting parts of the agreement. After ... Read More »

                  Do You Have 12 Minutes of Your Life to Waste? Watch MLM Marketing Pitch by 1st Choice Family Solutions.

                  A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in this video and said: Settlement, loan mod and credit repair all in one pyramid scheme. I’ll let you watch the video below and make your own decision on the statement the tipster (send in your tips here) made. But 1st Choice Family Solutions says in their video they have an excellent ... Read More »

                    Oasis Legal Finance – Debt Relief Television Commercial

                    Ready to Collapse

                    Commercial Name: Oasis Legal Finance Record Date: 11-26-2010 Network/Channel: Retro TV Description: Oasis Legal Finance is said to be a way to pay bills and help makes ends meet. Not sure what consumer needs to give up to have cash now. Nothing presented that describes the “true cost” or discount consumer will incur. [quicktime]http://getoutofdebt.org/member/video/OasisLegalFinance-20101126.mov[/quicktime] The debt relief commercial above is ... Read More »

                      Bogus Mailer Leads to The Consolidated Group and Law Firm

                      The other day I wrote about the mailer below. You can read my thought on that mailer, here. But thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here) and awesome reader there is more to be uncovered from the mailer. Using the fax number in the mailer, 800-448-1840 the tipster (send in your tips here) pointed me to a Craigslist ... Read More »

                        So That’s How Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Finds Attorneys – Craigslist

                        Legal Helpers Craigslist

                        A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in this listing from Craigslist. Personally, wouldn’t you think that the best attorneys would be found by contacting them directly rather than through Craigslist? Here is the ad: “National consumer law firm seeks to affiliate with local attorney. (Helena) Date: 2010-10-13, 11:43AM MDT Reply to: jja@legalhelpers.com [Errors when replying to ads?] Prominent ... Read More »

                          Obama Administration’s Affordability and Stability Plan – Just BS Marketing for Rude Debt Settlement


                          A mailer was recently forwarded to me from a tipster (send in your tips here). As you can see it clearly appears to look like a check and once you open it the layout pretends to be some sort of government program. I called the number given 800-880-9785 and spoke to a sales representative named Cesar Acosta who said this ... Read More »

                            Perfect Net Branch Claims TSR Exemption But I Don’t Get It?

                            Ready to Collapse

                            A fantastic tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following email being sent out by Perfect Net Branch. The Future Of Debt Settlement is Here! Debt Settlement Programs: 1. ATTORNEY program: – Client receives a FACE TO FACE presentation (exempt from the TSR rules). Thousands of attorneys throughout 48 states and growing with a Dedicated Appointment Setting Department ... Read More »

                              National Debt Resolution Repeatedly Stands Behind 40% Settlement Rate Claim

                              National Debt Resolution

                              It is absolutely no secret that I secret shop in my research. I respond to a lot of online ads to see the type of material and claims they make. The reality is I just don’t have the time to write about every non-compliant claim I hear from sales reps but this one is a doozy and clearly not in ... Read More »

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