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Debt Settlement

Final Notice for Credit Card Accounts – A Mailer to Throw Away

Express Settlement Services

A tipster (send in your tips here) forwarded me the mailer going out below. It has all the hallmarks of a mailer consumers should avoid. First off it pretends to be an official looking mailer and references programs like “The 2011 Credit Card Financial Relief Program” and the “2010 Economic Stimulus Package.” First off, there is no such thing as ... Read More »

    Consumer Debt Assistance Deceptive Mailer – Credit Card Balance Reduction Opportunity 2011

    Consumer Debt Assistance TASC

    One of the AACC members forwarded me a deceptive mailer a consumer had received. The number on the mailer, 888-354-8913, goes to Consumer Debt Assistance. The Consumer Debt Assistance site boldly displays the TASC logo but guess what, that appears to be deceptive as well. According to TASC membership records, Consumer Debt Assistance is not a member. – Source The ... Read More »

      Bogus U.S. Debt Reduction Initiative Form T-09-A Still Being Sent Out

      Form T-09-A Envelope

      In June, 2010 the BBB released a copy of a bogus mailer that was being sent to consumers. I published a copy of that mailer here. It appears despite warnings that the mailer was deceptive, it is still going out. Here is an image of the envelope and mailer that I received from a tipster (send in your tips here). ... Read More »

        National Economic Relief Program Bogus Mailer. Stay Away.

        National Economic Relief Program

        A reader sent in the following mailer they received from something called the National Economic Relief Program at 2020 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20006. This is nothing more than yet another mailer pitching debt relief services under the guise of it being a government program. This is not true. There is no government National Economic Relief Program and it is ... Read More »

          The J. Murphy Firm Offers Consumer Money Back Guarantee to Get Debt Suit Stricken


          A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following mailer they received from a lawyer promising a money back guarantee to get a debt suit dismissed or stricken from the record. From the CreditCases.com website comes this further clarification on the guarantee: If we get the complaint dismissed or if the other side drops the case, we keep ... Read More »

            Credit Answers Hides Behind DMI Mailer to Consumers


            Thanks to a great tipster (send in your tips here) I received a mailer that was sent to consumers. The envelope looks official and comes from: DMI 6200 Tennyson Parkway Suite 200 Plano, TX 75024 The letter inside is the first mention of Credit Answers in the small print on the bottom. It is also the first place we learn ... Read More »

              Premier Debt Resolvers Deceptive Mailer – Government Economic Stimulus Act

              615 Degraw St-Front

              This mailer comes from Premier Debt Resolvers at 615 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217. 877-845-6161. The two issues that jumped out immediately to me were the use of a government act that has nothing to do with debt settlement and the use of the equal housing logo on the bottom right. I also have a problem with the mailer making ... Read More »

                US Credit Card Hardship Benefits Mailer – Bogus and Deceptive

                US Credit Card Hardship Benefits

                Another fantabulous tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following scanned copy of yet another government looking self-mailer that sells debt relief services. This one is for the 2010 US Credit Card Hardship Benefits program. As you can see it purports to be an official looking government form with form number 10-PNH3. It states that the pending hardship ... Read More »

                  Obama Administration’s Affordability and Stability Plan – Just BS Marketing for Rude Debt Settlement


                  A mailer was recently forwarded to me from a tipster (send in your tips here). As you can see it clearly appears to look like a check and once you open it the layout pretends to be some sort of government program. I called the number given 800-880-9785 and spoke to a sales representative named Cesar Acosta who said this ... Read More »

                    Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Mailer

                    Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Letter

                    An awesome tipster (send in your tips here) just sent me a copy of the following letter received by a consumer that was being solicited for debt settlement services. What would be intriguing to find out is how they received the consumer name and mailing address. On this previous post a commenter said according to Florida Bar rules “Lawfirms and ... Read More »

                      Simply Debt Free – Debt Relief Television Commercial

                      Ready to Collapse

                      Commercial Name: Simply Debt Free Record Date: 11-8-2010 Network/Channel: Retro TV Description: This is the first television commercial I have seen that appears geared for debt settlement companies that are complying with the new FTC telemarketing sales rules and not charge an up-front fee. It is a good example of how debt settlement companies that comply will market themselves against ... Read More »

                        Small Business Debt Assistance Program Fax – Watch Out


                        A reader forwarded the following fax they received to me from the Small Business Debt Assistance Program. It appears nothing more than a pitch which does not appear to conform to the new FTC telemarketing sales rules. Most worrisome is the statement “Troubling economic times present a unique opportunity to reduce your unsecured debts and tax obligations by as much ... Read More »

                          CreditAnswers Government Bailout – Debt Relief Television Commercial

                          Ready to Collapse

                          Commercial Name: CreditAnswers Government Bailout Record Date: 11-08-2010 Network/Channel: Retro TV Description: 1-800-572-1308. This appears to be the exact same commercial which I reviewed in April, 2010, here. Here is what I previously said about this commercial. “Do you know if you qualify for the credit card bailout program?” “If your credit card debt is out of control there is ... Read More »

                            National Debt Report – Debt Relief Television Commercial

                            Ready to Collapse

                            Commercial Name: National Debt Report Record Date: 11-07-2010 Network/Channel: Retro TV Description: For any type of debt. Can lower debt up to 70%. Cut monthly payments in half. “Become completely debt free in months.” 1-800-402-7090. Any type of unsecured debt. The commercial says the National Debt Report is a free phone consultation. [quicktime]http://getoutofdebt.org/member/video/NationalDebtReport-20101107.mov[/quicktime] The debt relief commercial above is presented ... Read More »

                              New Mailer Promoting Attorney Model Debt Settlement for FTC TSR

                              Ready to Collapse

                              Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here), here is the latest email that is being sent around promoting an attorney model to deal with the FTC TSR rules. It is not clear from the mailer if this is simply an advertisement to help debt settlement companies comply with the new rules or providing a solution they think will ... Read More »

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