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How can I reduce my Discover Card cash advance interest rate?

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5+ years ago I took out some cash advances on Discover Card. Since then, I have been paying off other debt, and closed out a couple of other cards. Currently just have the Discover card an one visa card open, plus a debit card. Lately I’ve noticed my interest rate on my old cash advances is 28%, while my purchase ... Read More »

    Online payday loans leave me without being able to pay rent

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    I have $2000 in payday loans. i got caught up in the cycle. by paying the fees, i don’t have money to pay rent, etc. I may get evicted. is there a solution? the debt calculator did not have payday lenders as a creditor. Donna Read More »

      Proven Hacked, Now Debt Collector Letters Arriving

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      I was hacked by an Identity Theft/Insurance Fraud gang in 2008. My credit score was 802. Subsequently sold a house and lived thriftily before becoming homeless in 2009. Now working and scrimping along with the rest of the USA, and received two debt collection letters for 13,000 and 21,000 respectively. I know I did not incur these debts. I paid ... Read More »

        While homeless I defaulted on my student loans. I can’t get my transcripts to start over.

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        Hi, I graduated from college with a BFA in photography. We were taught the usual art b.s. but we weren’t taught any business skills–consequently, I did very well in school but not so well in life. I paid off 2 of my loans but used deferment/forebearance options frequently over the years due to underemployment. I became homeless after losing my ... Read More »

          Is this a social security fraud scam?

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          There was two people who showed up to previous adress I have resided at. Claiming they were from Social Security and said they were there to pick me up or collect some money. Is there a way I can find out if it is another scam? Wouldnt they go to the address on my Drivers License? Kelly Read More »

            Need help paying school loans while going through a divorce

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            I have graduated from college in summer of 2011 and my wife asked for a divorce at the same time. I am lining in my home paying all the billls on the house.i am starting to go under water paying bills. I have a job in the health field working as a tech in a emergency room. I would like ... Read More »

              Charged Off Mortgage Has Caused Collection Calls for Balance

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              Thanks for taking time to read my post and question. I had a home with my parents and the property was short sold in 2008. The 2nd Mortgage was charged off, now 4 years later my mom is getting calls from a collection agency to try and collect the balance of the charged of mortgage. What are my options? What ... Read More »

                Can I move out of state while I’m still making car payments?

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                I bought a car at a used car dealere it,s a buy here pay here dealer i gave them over 4000 dollers down on the car i bought, i pay 250.00 every month on the car, i have never been late on my payments, my question to you is i will have to move to new jersey some time this ... Read More »

                  Did The IRS “Forget” to Debit my Bank Account?

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                  Hello, In February 2011 we were notified by the IRS that we owed over 4,000.00 on our 2010 taxes due to an error on our part. We set up a monthly payment plan (125.00/mo), set to come out on the 21st of the month. I believe it wasn’t until June of 2011 that they actually started debiting our bank account ... Read More »

                    My Husband Agreed to Pay a Debt But Now They Are Coming After Me.

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                    I recently got married about six months ago to my boyfriend of 4 years. We had an apartment together in 2009 and we were kicked out because a guy broke in and because of that I had to call the cops for the second time, so we got kicked out. Because of the damages the guy who broke in did, ... Read More »

                      Getting married soon. Does our credit and debt combine?

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                      I’m getting married soon and was wondering how does the whole credit score and debt thing work now? Will our credit scores combine and average out? Will my debt become tacked onto his? Renee Read More »

                        I paid Liberty Legal for a mortgage modification and I’m about to lose my home.

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                        I payed liberty legal 1775.00 after seeing an ad on TV on channel 11 in DFW area Texas during the Prices is Right at 10.00 to 11:00AM , they showed a picture of President & the Whitehouse & made it seam like it was part of the stemulious programs of the government& told me I quilifyed after given them my ... Read More »

                          How can I get rid of my third mortgage but keep the house?

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                          I have a third mortgage or heloc on a property. I would like to keep the home but I need to negotiate on the third loan. The first loan in 54k, the second 116k and the third is 88k. The third has not been paid for months and has gone from the bank to a debt collector. Zillow says the ... Read More »

                            How can I payoff my online payday loans quickly?

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                            I have one big question, I have 5 online payday loans and I have been doing good such as trying to pay down or pay off my accounts. Now, the fees are getting to me extremely high and not doing anything with my principal balances. Instead of going thru these debt settlement companies, is there anything I can do to ... Read More »

                              How can I operate my business and personal life without a bank account?

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                              Self employed developer in FL. Have paid off over $200K in debt; now down to my last $80K of unsecured debt. Don’t want to file bankruptcy and really can’t, but have run out of time with a couple creditors & the wolves are at the door. My house is underwater but I am current….both cars have locked up notes on ... Read More »

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