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I Owe Chase Credit Card Debt.

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I owe Chase Visa almost 12K. If I pursue debt consolidation, will it ruin my credit? I have great credit and can make the monthly payments but do not wish to be paying on the credit card for the rest of my life! Davey Read More »

    Help Urgently Needed for My Father in Pakistan

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    Hello My name is Zohair and My dad Works in The field of Shipping and Custom Clearance And These past 5 months he’s been In huge Debt of about 7,000 dollars Due to non payment to his clients his Job extends to Deals with China And Now He’s in this much trouble that some guys came to our house Asking ... Read More »

      What to do my sisters debt is on my credit :( – Rocio

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      I am a single mother, and so far,, I have a perfect credit. My big issue is I did some balance transfer for my sister so she can enjoy the 12 months 0 interest,, in two credit cards,, and then we were going to transfer back to her credit cards,, she is a realtor, and when all the market went ... Read More »

        Options for credit card debt and very upside down car loan?

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        I own a 2007 Kia Spectra with 33k miles on it. I have a loan with Americredit for roughly $13k and pay $460 a month. The car is worth maybe $5k. The car runs great, fairly new tires (had some get punctured by debris a year ago) and i keep up with the oil changes. I want to keep the ... Read More »

          My aunt owes money and her name is in my account but i am the primary owner of the college account.

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          My aunt owes money and her name is in my account but i am the primary owner of the college account. The bank took money out of my account because of debt. is their anything i can do about this? Ryan Read More »

            Business partner fled with money as he had bank rights

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            I have consulted lawyers but I’m in no position to hire one obviously because of lack of funds. My Indian business partner mostly handled the finances and had authority to deposit/ withdraw & transfer funds from bank. Even when he wasn’t in the country the accountant would fax the transfer docs to the bank with partners scanned signatures for payments ... Read More »

              How to pay off two colleges so I can get my transripts

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              My son went to two Colleges and there holding his transripts because of Summer School at one College and didn’t pass 2 classes as well falsely drop from one class.I have been doing my best to pay them,but still not enough money.Trying to get him in another year of College in August 2012. Veronica Read More »

                Have been offered a job in India, but I have loan in Dubai

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                Hi, Presently working in Dubai. Now i have been offered a goos job in India and also i wanted to leave Dubai for personal reasons. But i have a loan here in Dubai. Is there anyway i can continue paying the loan from India. How should i do in this scenerio, please advise. Thanks Rajasekhar Read More »

                  Help with private student loan. Chase says they accelerated the loan and will sue me.

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                  I recently filed for bankruptcy and per my attorney, my private student loans could not be discharged. I live in Colorado. I was looking for a fresh start filing bankruptcy and I feel like I’m still where I was before. I have consolidated my federal loans and they are in forbearance. I currently have a loan thru JP Morgan Chase ... Read More »

                    My father co-signed for private student loan. How do I pay this?

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                    Hello my name is Brittany and I have a private loan from my old school that amounts to 22,152.62. I’m currently in school at the moment my father co-signed on the loan. I kept putting the loan off until I recieved a call from them stating that I needed to pay something or negotiate something or my father assets will ... Read More »

                      Student Loan Debt – No Hope for Future

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                      My name is David and I am in severe student loan debt. I have been paying on my student loans and can afford the payments right now, but feel no hope for the future. I have a good job in a good profession, but feel like I can’t get married, buy a house, or have kids if things don’t change. ... Read More »

                        Regarding student loan forgiveness; I’ve been paying for 22 years…

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                        I’m a private school teacher who’s been teaching for 7 years, after a career as an artist (read: no savings, a little bit of credit card debt). I’ve been repaying my student loans since 1989, but some of the loans dated back to 1981, when I borrowed to attend a private college for two years. That proved too expensive, so ... Read More »

                          Should I ask for the house in the divorce or walk away?

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                          I am in the process of divorce after 16 years of marrIage with four children. We bought our house in 2008 and I was sick at the time so it is in his name only sole and separate property. The house is big enough and it is a great house but we are upside-down about 70k. I can manage the ... Read More »

                            How can I obtain my degree if I owe my college?

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                            I recently graduated from college but my school say that I owe them money. But what I can’t understand is that I ordered cap and gown walk the stage and everything if I owed them how could I possibly do those things. then I recieve information from my school stating I owe them that I owe them 14,000 and I ... Read More »

                              Are all debt resolution companies a scam?

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                              So are you saying ALL debt resolution companies are a scam? I really need this service so I dont have to file BK. Sean Read More »

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