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I’m Very Skeptical of the State Law Group Modification Claims. – Jim

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My wife and I have been contacted by The State Law Group. I have seen that you have been asked about this organization in the past with regards to loan modification. As with many Americans, times have been tough in our household and as a result we have accumulated a significant amount of debt that I fear we will never ... Read More »

    Directv Let Me Go. How Do I Pay My Student Loans Now? – Jim

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    I have 2 separate student loans one is with a private lender ( acs ) and the other one was with sallie mae. I was able to consolidate the sallie mae loan with ( direct loan ) which is a consolidation firm, but the other loan I couldn,t because it is a private loan. I am paying every month $ ... Read More »

      Bank of America Says They Will Modify Our Loan But Won’t Give Us Details. – Julie

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      When we bought our home 8 years ago, we got an 80/20 loan from Countrywide for interest rates in the 8% range. We have been working with B of A, or trying to, for almost a year now to mocify our loan as they said we didn’t qualify for any of the government programs. They say they are going to ... Read More »

        Will my UAE debt chase me in Canada? – Saif

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        I am working in uae and accumulated debt upto $150k and not in a position to service the payments in near future. since the situation is to come , i am planning to mover to canada as i am permanent resident and living there though i belong to india. now please advice me , where the banks can chase me ... Read More »

          Making payments but barely breathing financially. – Julie

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          Debt Guru, I have close to $25,000 of unsecured debt that is causing me a great deal of worry. When my husband was working fulltime and making a good living the payments weren’t a problem. As he is now disabled and suffering from leukemia, I am not sure what to do. My income is half of what it was and ... Read More »

            I Can’t Afford My Harley Davidson Motorcycle Anymore. Harley Davidson Financial Wants to Repossess My Bike. – David

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            I bought motorcycle and can no longer pay for it . I’ve had the bike for over a year and half, the day after I bought the bike home my wife and I attempted to return the bike to Harley Davidson financial company stating that we couldn’t afford the bike, they refused to accept the bike. We relented kept the ... Read More »

              Loan forgiveness for international student with National Collegiate Trust student loans? – Laura

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              Hi, I have a South Sudanese friend who studied in the US and has now gone home to work in development/humanitarian assistance. He has a loan from the AES/National Collegiate Trust that he is currently unable to pay off due to agreeing to take a lower salary in his home country. Is there a way for him to file for ... Read More »

                I Want to Check Out INCHARGE.org – Sidney

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                  My friend left the country and left a repossesed car behind. What risks would I take if I drive it?

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                  My friend had to leave the country and left his car behind…I keep it in my garage (different address from him) and drive it back and forth to work, from garage to garage. It is already being looked to be repossesed by the car dealership (for lack of payments for a few months). Does police get involved in this issue ... Read More »

                    How do I keep track of our credit along the process of bankruptcy. – Rosi

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                    In the past I was a total slave to our credit scores, checking daily and subscribing to different ‘watcher’ programs. 2 years of unemployment and filing for bankruptcy has cured that, but I am wondering what if anything you would suggest for keeping track of our credit during and after the bankruptcy process. If there is one thing I am ... Read More »

                      Is Money Management International a valid company or is it a scam? – Leanna

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                      I have some balances with Chase. A Chase representative called me when I missed a payment. I told him I have hardship and can not pay. He gave a number to MMI. I called and spent almost 2 hours on the phone with a very professional, trustworthy sounding individual who pulled my credit report and proposed a debt restructuring plan ... Read More »

                        To go bankrupt or not? – Chris

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                        Hi, I’ve got about $35,000.00 in credit card debt, primarily work expenses from my last job. I was laid off six months ago and have been unable to make any payments on the credit cards since. I’ve also had a car repossessed and after auction owe about $16,000.00 on it still. I don’t think the company I worked for will ... Read More »

                          How can Bank of America lock me out of paying my mortgage online when I am behind a month? – Lisa

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                          My husband and I are in the process of trying to get Bank of America to modify our mortgage for the second time. We are under water and are behind 2 months now. I’ve been assigned an account manager who I cannot get in touch with–all my calls are sent to voicemail. I can’t talk to a real person because ... Read More »

                            Debt Relief Offer from Reliant with Columbia Law. – Donna

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                            Hi there. I am recently divorced and have amassed credit card debt of about 32k plus I also have student loans out for about 18k. I received a card from Reliant with Columbia Law with an offer that they could reduce my debt to about 11k . they cannot take my student loans. they say I should be out of ... Read More »

                              I can’t pay all the medical debt I have. Help. – Tracy

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                              Pretty much the only things on my credit is Medical Debt. My score is very low because of this. I cant possibly pay for all the medical debt I have. I went without health insurance for awhile so there is debt from that when I had to go to the hospital for different problems. Also when I had health insurance, ... Read More »

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