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Reader Questions

I cosigned Sallie Mae student loan and now they are coming after me. – John

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I cosigned student loans for my son for 3 years. He went for a loan for his senior year of college and they refused because it was up to $100,000,00. He had to quit ollege and they immediately made him start repaying back. (this is a Sallie Mae Loan). He cannot pay it and now they are coming after me ... Read More »

    Option One Financial stopped paying an agreed settlement. – R

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    I am in a debt settlement program with Option One Financial. For the last year or so, money has been deducted from my personal account to a third-party account. I signed off on a settlement in September and payments were made for three months. This last December, a representative from one of my creditors called and said that as of ... Read More »

      Public service loan forgiveness as a school principal. – Jim

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      I have about $190,000 student loans-government backed- I capped the $148,500 and then got PLUS loans for graduate school. I am looking at the “public sevice loan forgiveness” option as I am a principal at a public school. What I do not understand is if you have to make 120 payments based on a ten year repayment schedule to qualify ... Read More »

        Zwicker & Associates is trying to add interest charges on a bill I’ve been paying off, but they never informed me they were doing so. – Shelia

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        I had a court date for a Target bill that I could no longer keep up with due to unexpected circumstances beyond my control. Target got Zwicker to represent them. I actually had gone into debt consolidation, but the debt consolidation agency couldn’t include Target because I had JUST been notified about going to court. When I went to court, ... Read More »

          Debt Remedy Solutions has new fee being debited from my acct. – Lesa

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          Unfortunately, I got involved with Debt Remedy Solutions in Boca Raton, Fl about 3 years ago. My original contract stated that ALL fees were paid upfront, out of the money I deposited into my checking account, and they debited a certain amount out each month. Now, they have started debiting a monthly fee of $29.99 from my acct. I called ... Read More »

            My wife is in the Navy reserve. Where do we start with such a heavy debt load? – Mike

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            My wife and I together make a six digit salary, but we have way over extended ourselves. We have 1500.00 house payments (this includes ins., taxes), 500.00 car payments of which we owe 20,000 on a car worth 18k, 350.00 a month motorcycle payment on a bike worth more than we can sell it for, plus school loans and credit ... Read More »

              I have two credit card debits and contacted vortex debt group. – Thomas

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              Since 2008 I have had these two credit card debits one is 3000 and the other is 5000 and back then I contacted vortex debt group because I had seen a commercial about debt consolidation, in the past I have never searched them on google I always believed the were trustworthy and in 2010 zwicker took up one of my ... Read More »

                Made horrible mistake getting car loan for boyfriend. Please help get this car out of my name! – Jocelyn

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                I really made a big mistake with a car loan for someone else. I bought a house by myself earlier this year which is going fine. I have a 157K mortgage loan. My long-time boyfriend was unemployed and his credit isn’t that good and of course, he needed a car, perfect timing. We initially went into a seedy place that ... Read More »

                  Questioning the reputation of Sizemore law group. – Linda

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                  Last year was a bad year for me, incurring large medical bills, and running up my credit card to help me pay for groceries, medicine and gas and some of the medical bills. I was contacted by the Sizemore Law Group to discuss debt negotiation. I was advised to not make any payments on the credit cards or medical bills. ... Read More »

                    How do I even begin to pay unexpected medical bills? – Elliot

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                    I work in the construction industry as a contractor and in 2008/2009 my average annual income went from $60,000-$80,000 to $24,000-$32,000. During this tough adjustment I managed to hold onto my house and car but lost my health insurance in order to keep my kids insured, my retirement savings and racked up $90,000 in college loans putting two kids through ... Read More »

                      Should My Mom File Bankruptcy in the U.S. or Japan? – EB

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                      Hi, I am trying to help my mom with some finanical problems. She is severely in debt (~+$80k in credit cards?), and has been living in her car in Oregon for more than 6 months now, using my Hawaii address for receiving mail. She has family she can live with in Japan. 1. to clear away her debt, does she ... Read More »

                        How can I get out of my Canadian consumer debt? – Graham

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                        I am almost 25 years old and with my childish behavior behind me I have a financial mess to clean up. My goals are to start a family while being debt free. I am Canadian (Not sure if that matters) I read your e-book and through the endless links between the lines I decided to check out the website too. ... Read More »

                          How do i get out of a student loan that is charging me a daily % rate? – Luxx

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                          I attended FIDM and had took out a perkins loan with them. My other loans were with another company. I was falling behind on payments and I think I was around 120 days late the FIDM loan counselor strongly advised me to consolidate all my loans. At that time all my % rates were 6% or lower and payments I ... Read More »

                            Should I dispute the debt with original creditor or let it fall off my credit report? – Melanie

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                            I have two credit cards that were charged off. I did not open these accounts. One was opened in 2005 and the other in 2006. They were sold to a collection agency. The last time the original creditor updated the accounts was in 2009. If I dispute these accounts would it hurt my credit score if the items came back ... Read More »

                              Mobile Home Dilema After Divorce With Autistic Children. – Veronica

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                              I am currently separated from the father of my children. We were married for 8 years and 11 months. We are getting a divorce; the situation has been prolonging due to the fact that we have two children who are Autistic. We currently have a town home, which was bought after getting married, and both of us have 401 k, ... Read More »

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