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How do I get rid of credit card debt? Can Novadebt help? – Donna

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I lost my job of 34 years, I am 64 yrs old. My husband had to reduce his hours because of his health. He has to continue to work so I have insurance. We have 28000.00 in credit card debt and can’t pay the monthly payments. My 401K went down the tubes just before the company closed. I couldn’t make ... Read More »

Single income family with tax lein and joint charged-off debt

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I have approximately $18k in a tax lein, I owe $12k to Oregon State in taxes, my wife and I also have joint charged-off debt to the tune of $55k. I make $75k a year and my wife is a stay at home mom. We have two kids and another on the way. I can’t go bankrupt because of my ... Read More »

Had a bad divorce. How do i pay off a student loan with no money? – Heather

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I have been out of school for almost 3 years, I lost everything I had and I have been going through a bad divorce so I have no money coming in, I’m living off of my sons ssi so how do I pay off my student loan with no money or get help with it. I would eventually like to ... Read More »

My medical assisting school closed. Do I still owe the student loan? – Melissa

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I attended a career training program at a accredited school. The program was for medical assisting and was 14,000.00. I chose this particular program because if you need time off you are elegible to go beck. A few years ago.I tried and someone bought out program. Not only did my credits not count, I will have to retake ever course, ... Read More »

Student Loan with AES in default. Can they force a garnishment? – Diane

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I have a substanital student loan that has fallen into default because I can not pay the large $550 monthly payments they have requested. I sent AES and letter about a year and a half ago and told them I can pay $150 per month. I started paying that amount and have consistently paid each month since then. However, they ... Read More »

I’m worried US Financial Solutions is a scam and won’t stop calling me. – Kathc

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I received a letter from us financial solutions about helping get my interest down on my charge cards. now i’ve seen i can’t find any information about them and instead i’m finding they are a scam. the one guy there, called me to push me this morning. i told him last week that i would call him when i had ... Read More »

Debt Restructuring of America – DROA scam. – Dianne

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HELP…signed up with DROA in January 2009…and have had a draft monthly for the agreed up amount of out contract to hopefully settle so they said “30 cents per dollar”. They have settled one debt for me and I believe I had to add about $400.00 to it and it was hardly what they promised…but I sent the money as ... Read More »

Should we try bankruptcy or try to negotiate? – Rosi

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My husband and I spoke with a bankruptcy attorney last summer, there was an issue with a loan paid back to my mother, so we waited a year. We retained him this fall. Having been unemployed for almost 2 years, with a short time back to work (3 months) then laid off again. Basically dinged the unemployment 200 less per ... Read More »

Recent college graduate with public service job needs to eliminate debt. – Rosy

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Hi Get Out of Debt Associate, My name is Rosy, and I am in debt. I finished school in May and I have a lot of credit card debt, along with school loans debt. With the school loans, I don’t feel too bad because I don’t have to pay for it until a couple of months, however, my credit cards ... Read More »

Should I cash in 401k to pay debt down to get better mortgage rate? – Carol

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Going to buy a home soon. Would like all credit cards to be at the 30% mark so that we get a better rate. Was told wed get 4.125 now but im wondering if I could get better. We make plenty of money but made bad choices in youth. Cc with high interest rates= a tone in lost money. Carol Read More »

My Parents Stole My SSN When I Was a Kid. Now I Have Bad Credit. – Sophia

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My parents used my name and SSN number when getting cable and some other things. They have balances that have not been paid. I am only 19 and they did it when I was 14. Now my credit score is poor. How can I resolve this to fix my credit score. How do I fix the credit my parents ruined? ... Read More »

I Got Pregnant and Didn’t Finish College But Owe Sallie Mae. – Jennifer

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I am in serious student loan debt because I got pregnant and didn’t finish college. I now am married with two kids and falling into depression because of my loans. I pay the minimum amount to sallie Mae ever month but they are interest only payments and all my other loans are in forbearance which I have done multiple times ... Read More »

Can I be sued after paying a debt settlement amount? – Luis

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This actually happened to a friend of a friend, but I need to know the answer as I intend to settle accountes in the future. What happened was that person A had an old debt of $10,000 with a collection agency. Person A agreed with the collection agency to pay $4,000.00 to pay off the account. Person A paid the ... Read More »

What is the statue of limitations in Iowa on revolving credit or debt. – David

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i bought a motorcycle with what the called a revolving credit card. the salesman told me i would get cash back and three months no payments. i didnt read the fine print. :( the money back was for the first three months payments. i didnt get a past due notice till after the third month then a week later i ... Read More »

Where to turn for mortgage modification help? – Larry

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3 1/2 years ago I switched jobs. My wife and i were high on our credit and mortgage, and i took a 12k pay cut (also lost medical insurance from company prior). The slowed economy has slowed my catching up on income. I was soon maxed on credit cards. I turned to CuraDebt for debt settlement help back in May ... Read More »

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