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Can I Be Sued for My Husband’s Debts? – Linda

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My husband and I have legally been seperated for three years; May of 2010 my husband rented a tool from home depot in my name, yet he signed for it. Home depot has been harassing me for payment, I explained to them I never rented such a tool. I requested that they review the video of the transaction so I ... Read More »

    Debt and Separation. – Darlene

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    Been separated for over 1 year, before i found out he was cheating and spending loads of money that he didn’t have, I had incorporated all his debt into the mortgage on our house , I only had 3000.00 left to pay on the house. The house is in my name only, as he did not want his name on ... Read More »

      Small Business Credit Relief and/or Reduction of Interest Rates. – Mr. Smith

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      My inquiry is in regards to credit (debt) relief options and/or interest rate reductions for a small business. I am in-house counsel for a small business that, like many during this recession, has used the personal credit cards of the business’ owner to pay bills and other expenses related to our comany. Our debt has become somewhat of an issue ... Read More »

        I Tried to Close My Debt Settlement Account But They Won’t Respond. – Shanna

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        I recently tried to close an account with a debt settlement company and they will not respond so I have had to close my bank account to prevent future withdrawls. I have also asked for a refund and again get no response. I am currently in the process of following your advice in writing to the company and sending it ... Read More »

          I’m Paying Child Support But How Do I Prove It? – Francisco

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          wife and I split and i have been giving her $700.00 every month but we came to and agreement ans did not take it to court or file for Child support My wife and i just end it a 7 year relation i am currently paying her $700.00 every month for my 5year old daughter. this money is given to ... Read More »

            I’ve Got Small Business Problems, Debt, and Not Able to File for Bankruptcy Protection. – Teresa

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            In business for 15 years, very stable, great credit history (760). In 2008 just prior to the stock market collapse took a new business venture, ended by January 2009. Ultimately ended in a reposession, credit card debt, and 9 months of unemployment. Currently working about 70% of what I would consider normal (before the recession started). Working just enough to ... Read More »

              I’m Retired Military. What’s the Best Way Out of My Debt Mess? – Brian

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              I retired from the Military after 26 years. Got a job, but at about 40 percent of what I was making. After draining the savings because It took me 5 months to find work. I have 2 major problems: 1) 65,000 credit card debit costing me 2200 month in minimum payments. We are coming up about 500 month short on ... Read More »

                Should I Cash Out My Roth IRA to Payoff Student Loans and Credit Card Debt? – Zac

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                I’m 31 years old with a Roth IRA worth about $35,000. I started this IRA when I was 20 while serving in the Marine Corps over seas. Since it’s birth I have fed the IRA about $38,000. My wife and I made it through school now oweing a little over $20,000 in school loans. We have $6,000 in credit card ... Read More »

                  I Co-Signed a Sallie Mae School Tuition Loan for a Friend But They Say They Can’t Pay. – Vincent

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                  Hi, i co-signed a school tuition loan from sallie mae about 10 yrs ago for then a close family friend. I recently applied for an apartment and found out he didnt pay anything and it destroyed my credit. This person has a personal buisness and a BMW and only crys poverty when I beg him to pay his debt. The ... Read More »

                    My Wages Are Being Garnished for a 1985 Student Loan. – Jody

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                    I have a problem with student loan(s) and my wages are currently being garnished and have been since December 1999. Between 1985 and 1989, I took out student loans to the total of approximately $14,000. Being a single mother, thought education would get me a better job than a factory job. So I got my education and could not find ... Read More »

                      My Debt is Suffocating Me and I’m Getting Harassed by Creditors. – Fabiola

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                      I am 26 years old. I am a single mother to a 4 year old. I just obtained my Associates in medical assisting about a year ago. I work in a Cardiology office as a tech. I get paid biweekly. Just enough for the rent, food, car payment and fuel to get to work. I am suffocating in bills. Credit ... Read More »

                        We Can Make the Minimum Payments But Can’t Get Ahead. – Andy

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                        Over the past few years my wife and I have accumulated over $50,000 in debt. Job losses, attorney fees, medical bills have gotten us in this situation. While my wife has a very good job and we continue to pay all of our bills on time, we are only able to make the minimum payments and cannot seem to get ... Read More »

                          I Am a Doctor in Private Practice With a Lot of Student Loan Debt. – Grace

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                          I am a doctor who has a solo practice. I was married right out of one year after i was practicing blended situation. Now we are having marrital problem. I had been paying interest only for 12 years times 376.41 equal 54203.04 I have already paied my loan once I now have a balance of 39,400.00 at interest rate of ... Read More »

                            Is My Daughter Liable to Pay Back Student Loans Even if She Quit School? – Bernie

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                            My daughter a culinary school & quit, twice. In each instance she took out a student loan. Unfortunately the school did not provide the proper cooking equipment in sufficient quantity for her to progress & she quit both times. These occurances took place five years or so ago & she has been enslaved by the bad loans. She can’t get ... Read More »

                              Capital One Auto Loans Sued Me in Michigan. – Stefanie

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                              I got a loan for a car from Capital One Auto loans, back in November of 2006, in may of 2008 the company I worked for notified us that the shop would be closing within the next year. I called Capital One and told them and they said they couldnt help me, so I told them that I could not ... Read More »

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