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How Do I File With The Class Action Lawsuit For GCS? – Suzanne

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I was told by Brite Solutions and Global Client Solutions that they could get me out of debt and I would only pay a total of 52% on the dollar, 40% to credior and 12% for them. I was told by Brite Solutions and Global Client Solutions that they could get me out of debt and I would only pay ... Read More »

    I Canceled With Capital Debt Relief and Signed on With World Law Group. – Maria

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    I cancelled with Capital Debt Relief services. But I signed with World Law Group. I don’t know if I did the right thing. I have alot of debt. Is World Law group the way to go to get out of debt Maria It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to ... Read More »

      Will I Be Responsible for the Mortgage When My Husband Dies? – Barbara

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      My husband and I are in our late 50s and live in Florida. He gave up his home in a divorce settlement and then bought it back from his x-wife a few years later, before we married in 2009. The home remains in his name only, it is right side up, and he wants the home to revert back to ... Read More »

        My Ex-Husband Is Renting My House and Can No Longer Afford It. – Carolyn

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        My husband and I bought a house in 2003 and we subsequently divorced in 2008. He received SS benefits for his 4 children which paid the mortgage. When we divorced I let him continue to live in the house so the kids could stay in the same school district — he has been making the mortage payments. He has already ... Read More »

          Has Embrace Home Loans Scammed People and Are They Reputable? – Marie

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          Single mom with 2 teenage boys. Work full time with our local Red Cross Mobile. I received information in the mail from Embrace Home Loans and have been doing some research on it. I read where some people were not happy at all with the results almost like they got scammed by this company and others who had wonderful results. ... Read More »

            Will My Sallie Mae Student Loan Debt Be Discharged When I Die? – Roz

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            will my children inhert my credit card/student loan debt? I am a third way through my masters degree as a part time student I am taking mostly subsized sallie mae loans, which will total about $50K upon graduation. I had assumed that my debt would be dischargable upon my death…but am now seeing that may not be the case…I would ... Read More »

              Lots of Credit Card Debt And A Large Family To Feed. – Lynn

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              Over the past five years, we have adopted two children through international adoption. We now have five kids total, all under the age of 18. Around the same time we were going through the process of bringing our kids home, we had some major unexpected home repairs. I am embarrassed to admit this, but we financed almost all of the ... Read More »

                Signed Up With Safeguard Financial, Getting Sued, FBL Associates Wants Me to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. – Rich

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                I signed up for debt settlement in May 2009 for two credit cards. One was for $3,200 the other $12,500. This was done through Safegaurd Financial. I received civil action papers for the $3,200 for a court date in April for $4,500. The other credit card I have not heard anything. FBL Associates has contacted me and wants me to ... Read More »

                  I Filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Lost My Unemployment, Now Being Sued By Creditor. – Brenda

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                  I received a statement of claim from my creditor on Nov 14, 2010, I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in April 2007. I lost my job in February 2009, I statrt receiving unemployment benefits in April 2009, My unemployments benefits was depleted in July 2010. I do not have any income. so therefore i could no longer pay on my ... Read More »

                    Will the Obama Program Forgive My 30 Year Old Student Loan? – Johnny

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                    vetern wiyh disability pension as only means of providing for family of 4 including wife as my care and attendant,i am a parapalegic hopefully service connected,in the va appeals court now.i have a 15yr girl and 16yr boy.i am a air force vietnam vet,serve 72 to 76. when i got out of the service i got a student loan with ... Read More »

                      How Can I Do a Strategic Foreclosure? – Paula

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                      My home is about 40% underwater. I have decided that my best move is a strategic foreclosure. I am nearly three months behind on my mortgage. Until now, my credit rating has been excellent. Do I need to speak to the bank reps or can I just wait for documentation in writing? Do you have any suggestions on releasing this ... Read More »

                        Why Shouldn’t I Just Open a Bed and Breakfast in Italy Instead of Repaying My Student Loans? – Emily

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                        40,000 citibank private student loan with co-signer 10,000 Gov. loan Ford 20,000 Gov. loan Nelnet I have filed bankruptcy for about 20,000 credit card dept. I have no assets and I am currently selling cars at a local dealership. My MA degree is useless. I have paid over 8,000 in interest on these loans and my principle balance is the ... Read More »

                          Considering MMI Program But Not Sure. – Christy

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                          Considering MMI program to pay of my debt. I was out on disability for about 10 months and had to use my credit card to make ends meet. I made 1 late credit card payment which then cause my interest to go up to 30%. I was paying more than minimal payment every month hoping to see the balance go ... Read More »

                            Personal Loan to Collection Agency. – Stupid Mistakes

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                            I took out a personal loan in 2008 and stopped paying due to financial difficulty…it was through Capital One. I checked my credit report and it lists the balance as roughly 1700 dollars. It also says it’s a charge-off, which I assume means the debt was really sold to a collections agency? Anyway, I have been called by strange numbers ... Read More »

                              I’m Working With a Debt Settlement Company But My Creditors are Suing Me. – Jean

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                              I am dealing with a debt settlement company for 13 months and I had 12 credit card debts and now the higher ones are coming and suing me. The settlement company says that I am on my own and I also have a joint consolidation Home Re-Equity loan with my cousin and I do not want to get her involved ... Read More »

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