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Should I Try and Settle My Debt On My Own? – Jo Ann

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have been a customer of DMB for 2 years and they have help me settle two debts. I have one left and I felt they are not doing a good job on this last debt. Their customer service has gone from excellent to poor since I started working with them. I know there have been staff changes, however, the new ... Read More »

    Is There a Government Program for Debt Consolidation? – Bonnie

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    I have lost my job was living off credit cards, now I have about 10,000. I would like to find a consoliation loan with a low monthly payment. But not sure if they are out there. Is there a government program for a consolidation program Bonnie It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after ... Read More »

      My Car Has Been in the Garage for Six Years Because of Safe Auto Insurance

      Hi, I have a judgement against safe data in the amount of $7,500.00 for over 3 yrs and have went through many channels to try to get my money, but to no avail. Please provide me with some assistance. Safe Auto I have a 2000 Jaguar I bought from Richmond Ca. for $27,500 cash. I purchased car in 2004 also ... Read More »

        How Do I Prevent My Ex-Debt From Impacting My Sweetheart? – Shana

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        I am a 25 year old, with over $10,000.00 in revolving account debt that I built with my ex boyfriend…when we split in December of 2008, anything that was in my name, I was left responsible for. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 8 years, and just now have eased my way back into work. Long story ... Read More »

          I Am an Attorney. If I File for Bankruptcy Will I Lose My Law License? – Keith

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          I am an attorney in NJ . I have huge debts including student loans, judgments and unpaid rent. I own no real property and except for my practice and a vehicle I have little property of value If I file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, will my law license be jeopardized? Also, will I be able to avoid the student ... Read More »

            Should We Give the House Back to the Bank? – Cal

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            I live in PA and am a caregiver for my sibling that is on disability because of early stage alzheimer. She is 55. She has a home that has a double mortgage that totals all together $48,000. We are considering just letting the bank take her home but the question is will the bank take her 401K along with it? ... Read More »

              I’m 63 Getting Divorced and My Income Has Taken a Nosedive. – Cathie

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              i am 63 years old and going through a divorce my income now has taken a nose dive and if i didnt have these debts i could just afford to live but not in the manner i hve been used to..but thats ok as long as i can get these debs taken care of some how what is available to ... Read More »

                We Are Trying to Do a Short Sale But What Are the Tax Consequences. – Monica

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                Owe 885000.00 on home. Home will short sale for about 600000.00. Primary residence. Live in California. Conventional loan. We have been working on a loan modification and are unsuccessful in getting a permanent modification, which is what we have been trying for. We have been offered several temporary solutions. We are now looking at Short Sale. I have been getting ... Read More »

                  Income Loss Causing Financial Hardship. – Ranger

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                  Income Loss causing financial hardship When are these Banks and Financial Institutions going to be held responsible for causing this financial crisis. Three Million businesses have closed their doors putting millions of people out of work.Millions of people have lost their Homes to foreclosure fraud.Where is the regulation ?Credit rating agencies and fico scoring should be abolished.We need to stand ... Read More »

                    Will the CitiMortgage 1099C Form Impact Our Credit. – Alexie

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                    We filed a hardship letter with CitiMortgage and they agreed to settle our 2nd mortgage (equity line) by paying $60,000 and they would not pursue the remainder of the debt of $216,535 but would file a 1099C Form. We would then have to come up with $102,000 for the tax consequence. We want to refinance our 1st to include this ... Read More »

                      What Are My Alternatives to Bankruptcy? – Lena

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                      I’m recently divorced and have $80K of unsecured credit card debt. I have not made a payment on any credit cards or my 2nd mortgage in over a year. I’ve consulted and retained a BK attorney, but I’m now having 2nd thoughts. Do I have any other options? I don’t make enough money to pay ALL of my bills each ... Read More »

                        Fraudulent Lloyd Ward & Associates. – Kareb

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                        My husband and I were not behind on our credit cards, but seriously in debt, and making slightly over minimum payments each month, and it would take us to the end of our lives to pay it off. Well, after consulting with a “smooth” talking lawyer at Lloyd Ward and Associates, we paid $3,000 – a fund taken out by ... Read More »

                          I Maxed Out My Boyfriend’s Cards And Didn’t Tell Him. – Deceitful Girlfriend

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                          My boyfriend and I have have been living together for three years now, he has a mortgage for our home in his own name due to my crappy credit rating we mutually agreed this was the best choice and he has always had excellent credit. When we moved in together he had a visa card which he added me on ... Read More »

                            Disabled on Fixed Incomes With Bills. – Alice

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                            We are both disabled and have fixed incomes,& SEVERAL medical bills. When they call about payments they insist that we pay minimum $25.00 for each bill,when I tell them I am on a fixed income they don’t care, they still insist that $25.00 is the least amount that they will take as payment each month until the balance is paid ... Read More »

                              I’ve Been With Bruce Atherton for Three Years and Don’t Know Where My Money is Going. – Christine

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                              I have been with Bruce Atherton for 3 years and I have now idea where my money is going. Has there been any more info. regarding this. This is my 3rd year with this company. I did receive a letter from him stating that he left lawyerdon to pursue debt restructuring. I have made my payments and now have 3 ... Read More »

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