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Reader Questions

I’m in a Financial Bind and Headed Towards a Disaster. – Monica

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Had spottless credit. Credit droped from near perfect to low 500’s. Credit Stolen in 2005 or 2006. The person who stole credit also used open accounts and credit cards that were dorment. Filed Police report. Pulled credit, fought every creditor i had no knowledge of and pulled all receipts for current cards and creditors. Had to make settlements on a ... Read More »

    I Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. Any Suggestions? – Sue

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    I have a lot of debt, 3 judgments. I’m currently paying $150 a month to Lustig Glaser and Wilson toward one judgment ($10k Citibank). Lustig has another judgment against me for $81k (was a Citibank HELOC on a vacation home that was foreclosed on, started at $66k but interest is building fast). They are planning to take me to court ... Read More »

      I’m 6 Months Late On My Car Payment. If I Just make Payments Will They Let Me Keep It? – Tasha

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      I have a car for 3 yrs now. i recently lost my job and could not make payment for 6months now. my car is in repossession but they cannot find it and now i contatec them to make payment and they told me they cannot do anything because its now in charge off status. they want me to surrender the ... Read More »

        My Husband Died 27 Days After We Bought Our House. Now I’m Drowning in Student Loans. – Tonia

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        I’m a widow, at 34 years old . My husband and I bought our home in Nov of 2008 moved in on 11/11/2008 , he died 27 days later from a heart attact. at 34 years old. NO life insurance. My finances are such that I’m working three jobs and back in school online which I saved and paid cash ... Read More »

          Will The Bank Come After Me For The Difference When My House Sells at Auction? – Daniel

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          My home is worth approximately 90k less than what I owe on it. If I file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can the bank who hold my mortgage come back on me for the difference between what the house sells for at a Sheriffs sale or auction and the amount owed on the loan Daniel It’s time to put debt behind ... Read More »

            Will Citibank Really Take Me to Court? – Kathy

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            Several credit cards from years of build up. Totally approximately 50,00.00. Went into a debt relief program with complete debt services for a year. They settled two small ones. A week ago I got served with a summons from Citibank for 12,000.00. I panicked and called a bankruptcy attorney and decided that was the route to go. I answered the ... Read More »

              I Live in the UK and Have Been Approached by a Debt Settlement Company. – Pamela

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              Currently with a debt management with debts of £4000 I have been approached by a debt settlement company, should I stay with the debt management plan or change to debt settlement. Which is best for me Pamela It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to Tweet The Answer This reader ... Read More »

                Will Credit Card Companies Grab Me When I Return to the U.S.? – Cha

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                Secondary card holder swiped 30k and now company wants to apply for Corporate AMEX I had added a friend as a secondary card holder to pay for student tuition fees. She charged some 10k while I was around and was paying the minimum monthly due. For company work, I had to relocate outside US for a couple of months. In ... Read More »

                  Trying To Get My Life Together at 39. – Amy

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                  I’ve been married 18 years, happily. We have three children — a boy who has high functioning autism and is a senior in high school who won’t qualify for regular college, and doesn’t want to go, but we cannot get grants and loans for him to continue his education at his local art school, though I am doing work for ... Read More »

                    My Daughter is Bipolar. Will it Help if She Files Bankruptcy? – Phil

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                    Adult daughter in Los Angeles has been diagnosed as bipolar after undergoing a run up of manic behavior and ending with psychotic episode that put her in a mental health hospital for 2 weeks. As of this time – released for 1 week, she cannot work and cannot function without help. She has about 6K-10K in ccard debt and unpaid ... Read More »

                      What Options Does Anyone Have Regarding My HELOC and Bankruptcy? – Sam

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                      HELOC and bankruptcy i have two helocs and a primary mortgage on my home. primary is $350k. one heloc is $50k and other is $40k. home value just around $400k. credit card debt is around $45k. so in a mess to say the least. i was told that if i claimed bankruptcy, the heloc companies would settle my debt for ... Read More »

                        I Was Trying Dave Ramsey But How Do I Get Out of Debt Without Hurting My Credit Score? – Susan

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                        Get out of debt w/o hurting credit score Consolidated 12,000.00 of credit card debt with revolving credit line a year and a half ago and still paying 401k loan I used to pay off my car. Then had to have root canals and crowns and up to another 3,000.00 of dental debt with a grand total of remaining debt @ ... Read More »

                          My Husband and I Are Separated And I Want to Go Bankrupt in Louisiana. – Patsy

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                          My husband and I have been separated for a month and I have alot of credit card debt in only my name. When my husband found out my situation he immediately separted our bank accounts and told he wasn’t going to help me pay my debt off. Even though it was used when he was out of work to help ... Read More »

                            How Can I Obtain Free Forms on Strawman vs Freeman? – Greta

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                            Single Mom with part-time work…trying to make ends meet. Thanks in advance for your help.. I know there is a way to fill out papers to become sovereign but i don’t know how to get them so i can ensure i fill them out properly. Hopefully I can find them somewhere free? Greta It’s time to put debt behind you ... Read More »

                              Can The Creditors Garnish My SSDI Check for My Credit Card Debt? – Kristene

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                              Garnishment of SSDI on crditcard debt Lost house in shortsale live week to week ,tried in the beginning to make arrangement for payments crditcard co. wouldn’t listen they wanted full interest late and overlimit payments and were impossiable so now I ignore the lawyer letters and phone calls. Can they garnish my disability checks and is my spouse liable for ... Read More »

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