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Reader Questions

I’ve Lost My Father to His Debt. – Nicole

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I am a senior at [X] State University. I grew up with both of my parents my entire life with little to no financial difficulties. Over the past few years my father has hit rock bottom with depression over the loss of money that he has being going through. My dad is a Self-Employed Contractor and has been since he ... Read More »

    How Can I Help My Daughter Rebuild Her Credit After Bankruptcy. – Ludmilla

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    My daughter is 23 yrs old with a 6 yr son.She WAS in a very bad situation with her sons father for 9 yrs. She got her first credit card at age 18.After her son father found out it went down hill from there. he asked her to buy him everything,she paid for his living expenses.basicly supported him like a ... Read More »

      How Can I Get My Money Back From FH1 Financial? – Darcie

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      I have been paying them for almost a year now to help me out. What is gonna happen to all the monies I have pd to them. They claim I have 4 more payments left and it will be turned over to anther company. What can I do get my money returned. who do I contact, please help! Who do ... Read More »

        Me and Consumer Credit Counseling of America. – Debra

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        In march of 2007, I thought I was doing something positive about my financial debt. I contacted Consumer Credit Counseling of America to help stop the creditors harassing calls. I thought it was based in California. I was surprised to receive the paperwork with Law offices of Richard A. Brennan letterhead, but went ahead with it. Due to my circumstances ... Read More »

          We Have Out of Control Debt. – Cher

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          We have been using credit cards to make ends meet they are maxed out and we have refinanced into our mortgage and vehicles so much we owe $300,000. We can’t move to an apartment because we have big dogs and no we will not give them away; they are our family. We have baby # 2 due in 2 months ... Read More »

            The Settlement Program is Charging Me More Than They Said. – Nanci

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            I agreed to a settlement program and have already paid more than the 15% in fees, because they say the first payments were not fees, but were setup charges. It was more than $7000 so it can’t be set up fees. They have made payments to the credit card companies but only one of them shows a 0 balance and ... Read More »

              Single Dad With Two Kids of College Age. – Rick

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              Single dad with two kids of college age 35.000 a year way more bills than that just barely making it stopped paying credit card companies and they are threating i cant even make a deal because i cant pay my bills now If i file bankrupcy they will add that money to my income and eliminate any possability for my ... Read More »

                Going Bankrupt in the UK From The U.S. – John

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                I have large unsecured debts in the UK as a result of a divorce there and now live here in the USA. I have no assets in either the UK or the USA, but do have a job with a salary – I am now married to the US Citizen – we are in rented accommodation. I entered into a ... Read More »

                  Is The Debt Relief Stimulas Plan a Scam? – Beth

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                  I have significant credit card debt & am able to make only minimum patments. I recently received a letter from addressee Debt Servicing Division, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW6th floor Washington DC. It claims I am able eligible to take part in the US National Debt Relief Stimulas Plan. Is this a scam? The # they list is 877-805-9825. Thank you ... Read More »

                    Thank You For The Information on Safehouse. – Mandi

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                    Thanks for providing info on the Safehouse people. They took our $3000.00 December 2008, and never did a thing. They didn’t even pretend to be doing something!! I never got scammed in my life…but my husband did most of the work…and we almost lost our house…thank goodness citimortgage came through for us…still going through some processes…but my husband gave up ... Read More »

                      I Was Scammed By a Friend I Lent Money to Open a Business. – Jen

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                      I have been scammed by a friend to open a business in Dubai. When we found out, he promised to return it along with the charges or interest I get from the bank (like a loan or credit card purchase). It’s been 2-3 years now and he is no longer cooperating.. since he is not paying on time. My interest ... Read More »

                        Is There Really a President Obama’s Credit Card Debt Relief Program? – Dream

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                        I have credit card debt of more than $10,000 and I’ve heard more than 10,000 misleading answers to a very simple question. Is there really an honest to goodness, real, and true program spearheaded by President Barak Obama called, (or similarly called) “President Obama’s Credit Card Debt Relief Program”? whose main and only purpose is to assist consumers get out ... Read More »

                          Should I Cash Out My 403(b) Since I Switched Jobs? – Jamie

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                          Should I cash out my 403(b) because I switched jobs? I am a young professional who recently switched jobs. My old job used a 403(b) matching system, to which I contributed for 10 months, my new job does not. My husband and I are starting some other investments with a different company than what my 403(b) is currently with. He ... Read More »

                            I Started With Simon and Bocksch This Year But Need Some Advice. – Kyle

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                            I started in Simon and Bocksch this year in January Paying a total of 330.21 a month. I have heard very little from them and received 2 forms they want me to sign and fax back. After reading these it gave me the impression I was tricked in to a false belief! The debt answer looks good but did the ... Read More »

                              I’m in The Navy. My Wife is Stuck in South Korea and I’m in Debt. – David

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                              I am serving in the US Navy and I just got married this year. I have been stationed stateside in WV for my current duty assignment. I have gotten myself into debt like most people. My wife is stuck in Republic of Korea (South Korea) waiting for the visa process. This living situation has really put me into a serious ... Read More »

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