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What is An Honest Solution to Reduce My American Express Debt? – Joel

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Over a period of 10 years or so, I have increased my American Express debt to $37,000. I own a home improvement business, and have been putting material costs on this card. My monthly minimum payment is over $700, and I try and pay at least $1000 a month to it, but it is becoming extremely difficult to continue this. ... Read More »

    P&E Solutions Admits to Client Data Stolen. – Debi

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      Should I Cash Out My IRA to Pay Debt? – Greg

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      Due to 2 sequential layoffs, 3 kids in/out of college and “life”, we have amassed about $80k in cc debt, and $180k in college loans. We have no mortgage, wife makes $40k, and we get $12k/yr from a rental house we own free and clear (worth $200k). Primary House is worth $400 k and we own our cars. I am ... Read More »

        How Can I Stop Creditors From Tacking On Extra in Court? – Laurie

        I owe about 5,000 in total – i am living in court these days but my real issue is not paying the card in payment is the extra almost 1,000 they tack on – how can I combat this. Need to go to court with capitol one on a 1,000 credit limit and now it is up too almost 2,000 ... Read More »

          What Are The Ramifications of Tax Penalties for Credit Settlements? – Terrt

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          Due to layoff, I was unable to pay my debts, so we quit paying everything and saved our money to start negotiating debt settlements…which we have now accomplished, but only through cashing out our entire retirement and all other savings we had accumulated. we have settled about 300,000 including 205K in equityline debt, but am currently still settling on loan ... Read More »

            What Questions Should a Debt Settlement Program Ask You? – Rana

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            What information will the debt settlement company ask you when they are seeing what program fits you best. What will they ask exactly. I want to know so I can have what they want ready. I don’t like to be unprepared. Rana It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to ... Read More »

              I Can’t Get Through to the Credit Exchange. – Victoria

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              phone number change or disconnect. I’m with the Credit Exchange for debt settlement. I’m attempting to find a phone number for the Credit Exchange that I can use to get through to them. I also need a fax number that hasn’t been changed or disconnected. If anyone knows, please help. Thank You, Victoria It’s time to put debt behind you ... Read More »

                How Do We Get Out of Our Mortgage and Debt? – Jennifer

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                My husband and I just got married in March. We are living in a small condo that my husband had bought about 5 years, when the housing market was at it’s peak. He bought it for 110,000 and we are at 100,000 on the mortgage. We checked into the value of the home because we want to start a family ... Read More »

                  I Had a Foreclosure And They Only Took Away My First Mortgage. – Ana Maria

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                  I had a foreclosure and they only take the first mortage and now after a year they want to pay them the second one, whhy? i dont have a home any more!i have debts in credits card and loans about 50,000.oo i live in Ca. What can i do, do i have to go to bankruptcy ? Do i have ... Read More »

                    What is the Process to Become Judgment Proof? – Patricia

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                    I have already consulted a lawyer re filing bankruptcy, but he told me that because I receive nothing but a SS Disability Check, that I was judgement proof. However, he didn’t tell me if I am supposed to file this with the court, or just let the creditors figure it out for themselves? Surely, there is some form or process ... Read More »

                      I Need Tips on Who to Hire to Negotiate a Debt Settlement. – M

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                      Background: high debt. unemployed for a year and then underemployed for 2 yrs. I was able to settle 2 cc’s and now I have 2 left. Both have been turned over to Law Firm collectors in my state (Colorado.) One is very aggressive, Machol & Johannes and basically offered me 0% discount. ugh. The other Farrell & SEldin served me ... Read More »

                        Is Debt Settlement an Option if I Can’t File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – Becky

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                        Recently-well 2 years ago had a foreclosure. My ex and I split up and attempted a short sale and it fell through and they foreclosed on the home without us knowing. To mak a long story short, I was told by multiple financial advisors and lawyers that a reaslistic option with my credit card debt and the foreclosure was chapter ... Read More »

                          Collection Proof in the State of Georgia? – Bernard

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                          No assets ,only Social Security,11 year old Car, home foreclosed,job outsourced,unemployed,Diabetes,Prostate Problems,Cataract,Pituitary Adenoma,Health Conditions,in seventies. Being sued for Credit card debt in court. What options do I have in getting rid of this problem. Am I judgement proof in State of Georgia Bernard It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click ... Read More »

                            Another One Taken by The Debt Answer. – Angry

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                            Like Marie from AZ, I signed on with The Debt Answer. I am in CA. That was over a year ago. Since then, I settled one account myself and they settled two. I was thinking that this was great…then it all started coming unraveled. I have two remaining creditors. One of them has been ignored. The other has served me, ... Read More »

                              Single Mother on Disability Wants to Pay Off Loan Early. – Tonya

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                              41 yr old Single mother, on disability. I live in Tennessee. The house I live in, My ex husband and I paid cash when we first moved in. Then we went and took out a 40,000.00 loan. The loan is a 5 yr refin. balloon payment. My payments for the house is 326 a month, its time to refinance and ... Read More »

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