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Need to Lower My Truck Payment Fast. – Linioel

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How Do I Cancel a Debt Settlement Company Contract With Morgan Drexen. – Walter

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How to cancel a debt settlement company contract The company is Morgan Drexen. I am in a very troubling situation. I signed up with a debt settlement law firm but after talking to them about the fees and all percentage paid for saving I want cancel but do not know if this is wise and what pitfalls if any to ... Read More »

I Have Been Irresponsible With Credit Debt for Years Now. Sinking Fast. – Kevin

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I have been irresponsible with credit debt for years now. It has finally caught up with me. I personally have over $60k in credit debt. My wife and I make a decent living, but because of my debt, I have placed my family in a situation that now is critical. I am almost at the end of my rope. I ... Read More »

I Want to Convert My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. – Tiwanna

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I’m current on my chapter 13 payments but want to convert to a 7 and pick up my car payments again. The car is the only reason I filed anyway. I helped someone get a car and they didn’t keep up with the payments. But I had other unsecured debt that was suppose to be discharged when I first filed ... Read More »

Emotional Problems from Debt Ruining Life. – John

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Been a good provider for the home, but I ran up debt supposing to get an inheritence that would pay for it. I have been struggling with depression for three years and it is getting worse along with my finances. I have been hospitalized once for suicidal ideations. I am on medication. I have lost my faith, as well. I ... Read More »

My Husband Died And Left Me His Truck Loan. Can I Trade It In? – Teresa

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My husband passed away in September 2010. He had an auto loan in his name only. Am I as his wife, responsible for the loan. He also has credit card debt which I am paying monthly. I am unemployed and get half of his pension each month. I also get State unemployment benefits, which have just begun. Am I able ... Read More »

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Was Marketing Using the Economic Stimulus Act. – Mary

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I’m in a bind, where I’m having trouble paying two massive (29.99 percent) credit card bills and have lots of other expenses (three kids and their assorted expenses). I got a solicitation that, after calling the 877 number and asking as many questions as I could, turned out to be from Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. I’m dubious, because the solicitation ... Read More »

Is United Debt Associates Reputable? – Keren

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$57000 worth of debt plus student loans. I’ve contacted United Debt Associates – are they reputable. Do you have other suggestions for debt relief?? Keren This reader question was submitted for site members to answer. This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question. Post your response ... Read More »

Where Can I Find a Good Debt Settlement Company? – Lina

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My husband is considering debt settlement, his debt is about 75K. Where we can find a good lawyer or debt settlement company in South Florida? Lina It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to Tweet The Answer This reader question was submitted for site members to answer. This is your ... Read More »

Should I Go With Mountain View Financial Group? – Glen

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Would like to settle/reduce two credit card balances. What is the likely success of trying to negotiate with the credit card companies yourself or a company like Mountain View? Glen It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to Tweet The Answer This reader question was submitted for site members to ... Read More »

Bank of America and My Mortgage Modification. – Maria

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I like everyone else was laid off Jan 2009. Have been jumping through hoops to try and get a modification, in the mean time BOA put me on a partial payment plan that has put me 5 mos behind on my mortgage. I stopped that and went back to full paments Jan of 2010. My loan Sept 22 was placed ... Read More »

Should I Just File Bankruptcy and Quit Paying My Credit Card Debt? – Kim

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Unemployed sales rep, back in school for RN. 25K in cc debt and trying to decide if I should file Ch 7. I will be in school for another 2.5 years. Should I file or just quit paying the 25K in cc debt. I have been told by friends to just stop paying them and change my phone number. Also, ... Read More »

I Think I Did Everything Right, But I Still Seem to be in Debt! – Bel

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I have one single credit card, which I’ve had since 1998. When I went to debt counciling and we looked at all my sorces of debt, it was recommened that I consolodate everything (including school loans, travel exspenses, etc) on to my credit card because it had the lowest interest rate (about 6.5%). This worked well because my minimum monthly ... Read More »

I Defaulted on a Stipulation Agreement. What Now? – KayKay

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i entered into a stipulation without really understanding what it was . all i understood is that i would settle for a lesser amount and pay monthly. i was unable to make the first couple of payments and they put a hold on my account. i went to court and made the past payments and my account was released. now ... Read More »

I Am a Current LHDR Client. – Anita

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I read in your 9/27 discussion online that the old contract will not be used in one month because it is being revised to be FTC compliant and that there will be face to face meetings with an atty. Does this change the contracts that current LDHR clients are under? Anita It’s time to put debt behind you and start ... Read More »

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