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We Are at Risk of Losing Our Home and Car. – Hannah

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My fiance and I are in risk of losing our home and possibly our car. Last February my fiance lost his job and we fell behind. He started working in April but we were so far behind we couldn’t catch up. Now I am out of a job and we are about to lose everything. Both of our credits are ... Read More »

Can a Default Judgement Be Awarded if I Am Not Served? – Michael

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Due to an auto accident I was unable to remain current on my debts and was able to work with all creditors but Citibank. The quit accepting the small payments I was able to make and sold the debts to collection agencies. I recently received a call from an attorney for one of the debts and they stated a lawsuit ... Read More »

I’m Struggling With Payday Loans and Don’t Want to Go Bankrupt. – Kristi

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i have takin out four payday loans with in the last year, and have struggled paying them back.. I do now want to file bankrupsy i am only 26 and my vehicle is co-signed by my parents, and i don’t want them to have bad credit!! what should i do? i was going to try the “Relief” . Your advice ... Read More »

We Are Trying to Buy a House But a Judgment Appears. – Amy

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Trying to buy a house but a debt shows up with title company and not on our credit report. My husband and I am trying to buy a house we went through the pre-approval process and made and offer and it was accepted. Then we received the preliminary report from the title company and they show a judgment on my ... Read More »

How Can the Trustee in My Bankruptcy Liquidate My Asset? – Rob

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The trustee in my bankruptcy case is trying to take an liquidate an asset that I am living on. How can the trustee in my case liquidate an asset that I am solely dependent upon for living? Basically he will put me on the street if I don’t have this income. Rob It’s time to put debt behind you and ... Read More »

Should I Go With Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation? – Patricia

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My husband has lost his job twice in the last 2 years. The first time it only took him 1 month to find a new job, so we recouped pretty quickly. The second time (which was just in February 2010) it took him 5 months to find a job. His new job includes a $10K reduction in salary and with ... Read More »

I Was Looking Into Consumer Credit Counseling. – Linda

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I need to get help from a debt counseling company. I was looking into Consumer Credit Counseling since that is suppose to be the best one to go to. I want to find out if you have any knowledge of how they operate and are the legitimate or not. I don’t want to get scammed as I have before. I ... Read More »

I Contacted Clear Point Debt Consolidation for Relief. – Annette

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I contacted Clear Point Debt Consolidation for a relief in helping to lower my high interest credit card debt. I have tried to talk to my creditors to lower my interest but to no avail. I have come up with the following self-help plan. I will pay off the small credit cards (and not pay the larger ones for a ... Read More »

I Went Into Debt Settlement And Now Can’t Get a Job at the Bank. – Valerie

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I went into debt settlement two years ago and although it is helping somewhat now i cannot get a job at the bank i applied to. What are my options? Valerie It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to Tweet The Answer This reader question was submitted for site members ... Read More »

I’m Thinking of Using GreenPath for Debt Counseling Services. – Andrew

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Past due on debt obligations. Bank of America suggested three debt management companies. What happens to credit availability if I sign with one? Near term and long term? I’m thinking about engaging Green Path for debt mgmt. One thing that I’ve read on line is that once you engage with these firms and your accounts are closed that you “can ... Read More »

Are Lloyd Ward and Associates Truthful? – Mitchel

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owe over 22000.00 on 2 credit cards to Bank of America. have talked to Lloyed Ward and Ass. are they truthful and can them be trusted.Heard a lot of bad stories about this type of thing. Don’t want to lose every thing I do have because some company takes the money and runs. Bankrupty isn’t and option. What can be ... Read More »

Liberty Settlement Won’t Give Me My Money. – Tim

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I hired Liberty settlement to reduce my debt and paid for them some period of time then i Decided to cancel them due to nothing being done as promised. Keith Everitt who deals with the refunds does not answer phone calls or emails I am wondering what I can do to get my money from these crooks? I am gonna ... Read More »

Who is Allied Interstate Financial and Why Are They Harassing Me? – Jessica

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allied interstate financial institution- requested info, won’t sent it! allied interstate financial institution has been calling my cell phone, and now my parent’s home. this is a debt from 2005 that has switched debt companies several times. i’ll admit i’ve been avoiding them for some time, making little money//being unemployed. they refuse to send me information that i request. tell ... Read More »

Is John Towers Financial Services a Reputable Loan Modification Company? – David

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Just checking the validity of a company in California who stated they could get us a loan modification on our mortgage down form $1,162.00 to $815.00 PITI. for $2000.00 Is this a valid & reputable company to do business with. The company is : John Towers Financial Services in Corona, California on N. Lincoln Ave. David It’s time to put ... Read More »

Should I Be Worried About Johnson Law Group in Florida? – Mary

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I have been with the Johnson law Group FL. for quite some time and we don’t seem to be going anywhere fast on this debt thing, I was actually looking on line to find a phone number for them and I came across your articles. Should I be worried??? Mary It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming ... Read More »

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