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I Forgot to Pay Taxes on Wages When I Was Younger. – Sherry

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when i was young, i didn’t know that i was supposed to report wages earned, and not until i was about 25 did i start to report income tax. can i still collect income tax money on the wages i didn’t report with the irs? if so how do i go about doing that? Sherry This is your chance to ... Read More »

    How Do I File Bankruptcy On My Private Student Loans? – Janita

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    I have about 67,000 of private student loans to sallie mae. My mom is a cosigner on several loans and Im trying hard to keep them from garnshing her wages. I am currently unemployed. I can make some type of payment but cannot afford what sallie mae is asking for. I was wondering can I filed bankruptcy on my private ... Read More »

      Is My Repossessed Motorcycle Debt a Legitimate Debt? – David

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      I had a motorcycle that I got too far behind on mg payments and it was repossessed and then it was turned over to a collection company Since my motorcycle was repossessed and then the unpaid debt was turned over to a collection company. I was wondering if this was legitimate debt and should be showing on my credit or ... Read More »

        I Have a Judgment Against Me. Can I Still Buy a Home? – Cindy

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        i have a judgement but want to buy a home .can i ? i have a judgement against me but it doesnt show up on my credit report .can i still buy a home/ This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in the comments section ... Read More »

          Are Apex Members and William D. Goodrich a Scam? – Renee

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          I have received multiple solicitations and when I called this company the first time, they were called a different name and had a different location. The next time I called them, they were a different company with the same employees. I see they aren’t highly rated on the BBB with lots of complaints. I tried asking if I could speak ... Read More »

            I’m a Single Mom and Pregnant With My Second Child. Need Financial Advice. – Melody

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            I’m a single mom and currently pregnant with my second I had to put my traffic fines and student loan aside because I am not working and untill I can start a new job I only have 300$ a month from assitance to pay anything they suspended my licence also… Can I work with these people to bring down my ... Read More »

              I Want Old Debt to Be Removed From My Credit Report. – Vivian

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              I have debt that I would like to have removed from my credit report NH has 3 years after final payment for a debt to be collected. Is there a form letter or a few statements I could use is a letter to the the credit reporting companies to have them remove these debts from my credit report? This is ... Read More »

                I Borrowed Money From the Cash Store But Can’t Pay It Anymore. – Michelle

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                I owe the cash store about 600dlls and I just cant pay it anymore..I had refinance And I got the check back and it has the info to who its payable too..I was thinking of doing a stop payment but im afraid it wont work and that they try to take out the funds.. what should I do im confused ... Read More »

                  How Do I Find My Paperwork From When My Car Was Repossessed? – Felipe

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                  My car was repossed several years ago how can I get paperwork showing the date of the repo I need help with finding paperwork on my car witch got repossed several years back in rhode island Felipe This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in ... Read More »

                    I Withdrew From College And Have No Intention of Paying The Old Bill But Want to Go Back

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                    Progressive Financial Service Invoice that was sent to my home to inquire about a repayment fee for my student loan. I was not able to finish due to a lack of income and withdrew from college for a time. I was not able to go back immediately because of other obligations of a person matter, but now I feel as ... Read More »

                      I Have a Lien on My Property I Didn’t Know About From a Credit Card Company

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                      I was trying to do a refinance of my mortgage when i was told there was a lean on my proptery from Assest Mangement. After a bunch of different phone calles i was told that this was due to a credit card bill from 2003. I was never informed of a hearing, nor do i have any knowledge of the ... Read More »

                        I Have Fraudulent Charges on My GE Money Mervyns Card and Now I’m In Collections. – Diana

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                        I had a store credit card through GE Money for Mervyns. At the time, I lived in a apartment complex where the post man kept putting some of my bills in the wrong boxes, causing late bill payments. Well, with this specific company, I had the card for close to two years and had paid it off when I got ... Read More »

                          We’ve Borrowed From Life Insurance and Profit Sharing and Still Underwater. – Julie

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                          Three years ago, my husband lost his job. He spent about 8 months on unemployment at which point a friend of his offered to train him in the field of Medical Recruiting. He was led to believe it would be easy money and one placement would equal 2 months salary or more in other fields. Catch was, it was 100% ... Read More »

                            How Do I Convince My Husband We Don’t Need to Keep Up With the Joneses? – Keli

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                            My husband and I have debts on our credit reports that are long outstanding. Plus we have a car loan and utilities that need to be paid now. We live payday to payday and shut off notice to shut off notice I want to get these past debts paid in full and I want to cathc up on our car ... Read More »

                              Attorneys Buttermore and Kagan Never Settled My Debt. What Now? – Gary

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                              Filed debt settlement with attorney Evan Kagan several years ago. Kagan left me with no help at all. I had paid more than $3000 for his help. Now he has sold out to Mr Buttermore. I never hear from Buttermore either. Debt collectors have been calling me day and night, seven days a week. I am now filing bankruptcy which ... Read More »

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