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I’m Unemployed With a Lot of Debt. Is Going Back to School a Good Option?

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unemployed for months degree seems to be worthless , with lot of debt, companies checking credit score doesnt help…is grad school worth it? i have lot of debt, i graduate from college i couldnt find a job i lived off credit cards, then my student loans started kicking…still cant find a job my degree has depreciated…is going back to college ... Read More »

    Stratton & Feinstein Account Was Taken Over by Legal Helpers Debt Resolution But Creditor Won’t Settle

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    I originally signed with Stratton and Feinstein as a debt consolidation. It was later bought out by Legalhelpers and everything changed. I am about to close out and finish up and I keep running into stall tactics. They won’t settle the last debt saying that the party won’t negotiate. When I try to ask what the issue is, you realize ... Read More »

      My Husband Died. How Can I Get Creditors to Stop Calling Me?

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      Hi ! MY NAME IS LILLIE, In the state of Tex. old bills 4 yrs. or more should be desolved. and a lot of those bills was here when my husband was living. My husband took care of the bills, In 2001 he got colon cancer & he died in 09. how can I get the creditiors to stop calling ... Read More »

        I Found Myself Unemployed With a Pile of Debt. – Julie

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        Like most of the others on this site, I have found myself unemployed and dealing with a pile of debt ( credit card and medical) I stopped paying on the debt 2-3 years ago. I received a lump sum settlement amount for the disability and paid off what debt I could, now the others are coming forth,. I was served ... Read More »

          I Want to Buy a B&B But I’m Unemployed and Have Poor Credit. – Kayla

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          I am looking how to buy a house when I have poor credit and no money or a job and I want to use the house for a bed and breakfast so that will be my income to pay the bills. I have poor credit and I just recently became unemployed and am not getting my unemployment like I expected. ... Read More »

            Can I Get My Student Loans Discharged Since I Am Now a Full-Time Caregiver? – Joe

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            I am my father’s caregiver. He is permanently disabled and requires 24 hour care; he is paralyzed from a stroke and completely blind. We live together. I have power of attorney and his doctor is very sympathetic. Can I get my student loans discharged? Can a caregiver for a disabled person have their student loans discharged? Joe This is your ... Read More »

              How Do We Get Chase to Remove Illegal Mark They Made On Our Credit Report? – Leslie

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              We foreclosed on a home in CA in 2008. We paid taxes and mortgage payments while offering deed in lieu and a short sale offer (moving due to job needs). After the bank refused all, we stopped paying for three months and mailed the key and left the house in good repair, with taxes current until auctioning. We are in ... Read More »

                Is MyPayDayRelief.com Legit Or Not? – Ben

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                I contacted mypaydayrelief.com to consolidate my payday loans. I am concerned if they are legit or not. They advise closing my bank account so they can work with the creditor to settle my loans.trying to find out more info on them. Ben This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and ... Read More »

                  Would Filing For Bankruptcy or Declaring Bankruptcy Do Me Any Good?

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                  I am in debt, Mostly from medical bills and student loans, but also because i was young and dumb had bills in my name i knew i couldnt afford how does filing bankruptcy do good? would it help me? considering i am 25 with 3 children now i want to have good credit and try to start buying a house ... Read More »

                    I Need to Take Out a Payday Loan to Cover My Credit Counseling Payment

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                    im currently on a debt management plan of 100 per month but needed to take a payday loan out to cover my self for the month but when my payday comes i wont be able to pay both. unless i get it exended till next payday or do you think dexter bell would add this to my current dmp then ... Read More »

                      Why Can’t I Get a Hold of Anyone At Square One Debt Settlement Anymore? – Dean

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                      gave all my imformation to you Square One Debt Settlement paid the bill required in full, and have had not heard back since I paid off the bill. your phone does not work anymore i do have the contract about what was to be acomplished to help clear up my bills why can i not get a hold of anybody ... Read More »

                        My Mortgage Was Discharged in Bankruptcy. Do I Need to Report It on My Taxes? – Mary

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                        I bought a house in 1998. In 2000, I had a chapter 7 bankruptcy and the loan was discharged under section 524 of the bankruptcy code. The house foreclosed – sherrif sale in feb 2011 Do I need to report anything on my 2011 federal or state (michigan) tax returns regarding the foreclosure. I did not receive a form 1099-C ... Read More »

                          Can I Settle My Student Loan for Less Than I Owe? – Lilly

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                          Graduated from a Colorado college but need to pay off school debt that went to collection Can I settle for less than the debt amount with a collector acting for the State of Colorado? Lilly This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in the comments ... Read More »

                            Can My Social Security Be Garnished for Student Loans if it is Already Being Garnished? – Deborah

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                            I am a 51 yr old mom of a 9 year old and live with my disabled (no income yet) fiance. I drew Social Security Disability for years & worked my way off of it. I reported to SS that I had returned to work and assumed they would let me know when I was close to making too much ... Read More »

                              Is DMB Financial, Legitimate or a Scam? – Kim

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                              I have approxmitely 31,000 in credit card debt. I have signed on to repay my debt within 48 months at $520.00 per months. Does this work. I have had a lot of correspondence with them. But dont know if it is a scam or legite. I am still within my 30 days but I am a bit nervous about the ... Read More »

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