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National Student Loan Assistance Center – Consumer Complaint – February 14, 2014

customer service feedback

Consumer Statement: I was called by this company to help with my student loans. I was interested in a forbearance. They told me of other programs that I was eligible for. They asked for my PIN. I was told by them that they are the the student loan department and that they have power to consolidate my student loans. I ... Read More »

    Defense Lawyers – Consumer Complaint – February 11, 2014

    customer service feedback

    Important Update The consumer wrote in with an update to this complaint. A big hat tip to Defense Lawyers for taking care of this. This is the kind of positive customer service consumer deserve from their debt relief company. “Thank you for posting my complaint. Defense Lawyers PA quickly contacted me after the posting, and reimbursed the Escrow money owed ... Read More »

      MB Consulting Unlimited – Consumer Complaint – January 29, 2014

      customer service feedback

      See response from Michael Biancone to this consumer complaint submitted on May 14, 2014, at bottom. Consumer Statement: I connected with Doug Johnson (Debt Relief Advocate) operating out of Brentwood, TN to discuss his strategy for getting control of private student loans. Doug connected me with Michael Biancone (MB Consulting Unlimited) operating out of Surfside Beach, SC. After multiple conference ... Read More »

        Cash Awards Notice – Consumer Complaint – January 21, 2014

        customer service feedback

        Consumer Statement: Cash AwardsNotice ( these ppl called me from Las Vegas 2 yrs ago) same scam… “Won $830,000 certified check and a Mercedes benz to be shipped from Alabama ( 2 yrs ago it was California). They still had my own debit card # ( Its a closed card anyway 3 cards ago. I later closed the account since ... Read More »

          Express Debt – Consumer Complaint – January 21, 2014

          customer service feedback

          Consumer Statement: express debt took me for 21000 thousand dollars of debt but I [paid them 12000 dollars and now am being garnished twice for the total amount. Consumer Action Taken: Dealt with them on the phone and was lied to , also now after paying the first 9200 in cash to the attorneys got another garnishement for 11200. was ... Read More »

            Merrywood Loans – Consumer Complaint – January 21, 2014

            customer service feedback

            Consumer Statement: Merrywood loans aka merrywood Capitial aka Orchard loans Removed 69.00 from my account promised a refund in 7 days then 10 days the 30 days now still waiting 21/1/2014 the company even blocking emails and even the phone done given fake refund dates fake answer even contacted financial ombudsman Oft and trading standards. spent all christmas and new ... Read More »

              AP Student Loan Relief – Consumer Complaint – January 20, 2013

              Ready to Collapse

              Consumer Statement: I heard a radio advertisement for a company that could consolidate all my loans. When I called, what struck me so strange is all the personal information questions they were asking me.. Also, that I had to sign a document titled “Limited power of attorney”!! I hate to admit this, but the lady was being overly nice and ... Read More »

                Clear Student Debt – Consumer Complaint – January 16, 2013

                customer service feedback

                Consumer Statement: On Facebook a link in your feed comes up called clearstudentdebt.com. You put your phone number in and they call you, trying to get your information. THey ask for all your information. Pin and everything. I did not give it to them but gave them my ssn. Phone number they call u from is 949-629-4102 Consumer Action Taken: ... Read More »

                  Green Student – Consumer Complaint – January 16, 2014

                  customer service feedback

                  Consumer Statement: Green student loan called and assured me they could help me with my loans. I googled them and it just didn’t add up. gave up soc,financial aid pin please help. Consumer Action Taken: I called them back they swore to me that they were a real company had been open for 2 yrs. Mary Taylor GreenStudent (561) 450-9151/561-3360043 ... Read More »

                    Jeffrey A. Smith Attorney at Law – Consumer Complaint – January 16, 2014

                    customer service feedback

                    Consumer Statement: Jeff Smith, Attorney out of Florida…..just swore they could help me with my home refinancing prior to a foreclosure notice I received. I had to pay them $2500 to help me. Can I recover this? They would not take anymore calls from me after they said they could not help me even though they had a lady that ... Read More »

                      Macy Bankruptcy Law – Consumer Complaint – January 13, 2014

                      customer service feedback

                      Consumer Statement: I’m from Allentown Pa. I opened a Bankruptcy case with Jacoby & Meyers through Macy Bankruptcy on 7/25/2013 They electronically took my my payments for 4 months, and just stopped. I have been trying to get in touch with them since then and get no response. I want my money refunded to me and I will get the ... Read More »

                        Merrywood Loan Explorer – Consumer Complaint – January 13, 2013

                        customer service feedback

                        Consumer Statement: I applied for 1 payday loan and didn’t get it so didn’t apply for anymore. Yesterday I went to the bank as my JSA was in and Merrywood had removed £69.95 on my debit card at 5 am in the morning…ensuring that they would get to my money before I did. I at no point recall ever authorising ... Read More »

                          Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – January 13, 2014

                          customer service feedback

                          Consumer Statement: In December 2012 I was approached via mail to the Estate Law Group for help with my mortgage. It seemed they had started the process. They have their name on my mortgage and were acting for me with the company. I was not in a foreclosure situation and still not. I was in contact with a person named ... Read More »

                            Student Loan 911 – Consumer Complaint – December 27, 2013

                            customer service feedback

                            Consumer Statement: I have been scammed! I was called by one of those Student Loan people that said they could help me lower my payments. They lied! The Company is Student Loan 911 and they charge a Fee of $499.00 for their “Services” They say ” I’m making 3 payments of $166 to Studentloan911. I’ve already sent 1 payment. After ... Read More »

                              Credence Law Group – Consumer Complaint – December 19, 2013

                              customer service feedback

                              Consumer Statement: I received a solicitation in the mail with Bank of America (my mortgage holder) as the sender in the beginning of Feb 2013. So I called and it turned out to be Credence Law Group and that they would be able to help me. Naturally I am a very skeptical person, but they said they could help me ... Read More »

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