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Realty Law Center / Bruce Weiner – Consumer Complaint – 10-20-2012

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Consumer Statement: Received correspondence from Realty Law Center re: Mortgage modification assistance-paid Attorney retainer-promised a modification-told was approved (Big Lie!) also told not to pay Mortgage for 3 months. Was promised paperwork Mortgage documents via overnight mail. Never received it, received calls to point of “harassment” for remainder of retainer refused. Requested refund of money originally paid-was ignored. Consumer Action ... Read More »

    Freedom Legal Plans / Reaching U Legal – Consumer Complaint – 10-19-2012

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    Consumer Statement: In May of 2011, a Darry l Solomon started calling us regarding our high interest rate mortgage loan. He represented to me that his company Reaching U Legal had been assisting hundreds of homeowners with various mortgage issues. I declined giving him any information. He continued to call, leaving messages as if I was crazy not to call ... Read More »

      Cambridge Life Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 10-18-2012

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      Consumer Statement: Hi there.I am in ontario, Canada. So after watching a canadian programming called 16:9 documenting Cambridge Life Solutions and its apparent scam reguarding the fees it imposing along with the promise the company offers I was a little worried when 16:9 starting mentionning that some of the clients were sued by their credittors. I have only made one ... Read More »

        Vannova Legal – Consumer Complaint – 10-18-2012

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        Consumer Statement: I paid this company 2 payments of 999.49 to work on my loan modification. Consumer Action Taken: They said they don’t owe me anything because I didn’t submit my documents fast enough. Date This Problem Happened: September 15, 2012 State You Live in: Utah Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,900 Company Name: Vannova ... Read More »

          1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 10-18-2012

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          Consumer Statement: 1st United took out $1692.00 for 4 months stating it would prove to my mortgage company I could make payments at that level. They then forwarded me to another company to work my mortgage MHAP affordable but nothing yet. Consumer Action Taken: Tried contacting 1st United Consultants but the phone numbers are not working and the company handling ... Read More »

            Cockburn & Associate / Silverthorn & Lupolover – Consumer Complaint – 10-18-2012

            Consumer Statement: I received a phone call on a day when I was extremely sick with the flu, possibly pneumonia and they were querying epstein barr virus at the time. I also suffer from a head injury which I mentioned. They identified themselves as a debt relief company and that what they would do is take out a trust account ... Read More »

              Nationwide Card Monitor – Consumer Complaint – 10-18-2012

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              Consumer Statement: On 05/09/2011 I recieved a call from a guy named Brendan Larkin – Employee # 62604 from NCM (nationwide card monitor). He explained to me how through there program, I could pay them a one time fee of $599.00 with a “100% Money Back Guarantee” and sign a Limited Power of Attorney document whitch reads “As my Attorney-in-fact ... Read More »

                UFAN – Consumer Complaint – 10-18-2012

                Screen Shot 2012-10-18 at 11.27.46 AM

                Consumer Statement: I paid UFAN $5,000 to help me with a lawsuit against my lender for not refinancing me after jumping through hoops (J.P. Morgan Chase). I get a letter dated October 3rd 2012 stating we lost the lawsuit. They state that they will help me with the loan modification for no charge, since we lost the suit. I have ... Read More »

                  1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 10-17-2012

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                  Consumer Statement: right now i am terrified that i am going to lose my home because of the 1st united scam,,i don’t know what i am going to do. the company is 1st unite consultant clinet services- Toney Yoo phone number is 1855-486-4831 ex 1021-1024 Justin Rosen is the other guy I spoke to—fax numbers 1888-405-0367 or 1-800-754-6602. they took ... Read More »

                    Cockburn & Associate – Consumer Complaint – 10-17-2012

                    Screen Shot 2012-10-17 at 11.18.26 AM

                    Consumer Statement: Joined debt solution company Silverthorn & Lupolover for $21,000 in debt for 30 mos., after paying them $465/mon. for 8 mos. one of my creditors filed a judgement and put a lien on my house – Luolover were still saying they could settle it but couldn’t guarantee it – I was not going to keep paying them for ... Read More »

                      Prime Access Management – Consumer Complaint – 10-16-2012

                      customer service feedback

                      Consumer Statement: first i called hard ship case,at 1954-393-0023 they set up a program with prime acess management the program cost me 545.00 per month,i was in the program for three months.when i called them to see if my mortgage rate was resolved the phones were disconnected. i then called hard ship co their number was disconnected.primes tel numbers 1866-206-3148 ... Read More »

                        Direct Buy – Consumer Complaint – 10-16-2012

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                        Consumer Statement: We were scammed by DIRECT BUY – the reeled us in with a cruise voucher that was a wonderful trip that we had won. We had to go sit through a 1 hour demo that turned into a 3 hour demo in order to get this trip. Well, we ended up signing up for this Direct Buy because ... Read More »

                          American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint – 10-16-2012

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                          Consumer Statement: Back in August 2011, I was searching for a payday loan. I borrowed $400 dollars from American Web Loan. They were taking the monies out of my checking account. I realized that they had taken their monies and more from me. I had the bank to cancel my account and open up a new one. A year later ... Read More »

                            1st United Consultants / Jesse Wiseman – Consumer Complaint – 10-16-2012

                            Consumer Statement: Terrible – now am behind 3 months in my mortgage payments. Consumer Action Taken: I have given up calling since at first the phone rang busy and now it goes to some other business advertisement. Date This Problem Happened: 855-486-4831 State You Live in: California Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 66+ Total Amount of Fee Paid: $9,921 Company Name: ... Read More »

                              1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 10-15-2012

                              Consumer Statement: I was contacted by 1st United about lowering my monthly payment on my mortgage. I don’t know why i listened I do know better. I talked to one of Lee Arthurs people then I talked to him. I was assured they were on the up and up and I had nothng to worry about. They took $622.11 out ... Read More »

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