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Consumer Advocates – Results for Homeowners – 1st Choice Document Preparation – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

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Consumer Statement: At the end of March I recieved a call from Consumer Advocates. They wanted to qualify me for the HAMP modifacation goverment program. I was told that if I was paying more than 31% of my income for mortgage payments including taxes I qualify. I was told that since my bank took bailout money they had to do ... Read More »

    Consumer Care Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

    Consumer Care Law Group Real Estate & Bankruptcy Attorneys (20120911)

    Consumer Statement: We hired an attorney to assist us in a loan modification in June 2012, we promptly paid him and gave him all the information he needed to get the process started. There was a sale date of Sep. 11, 2012 so time was critical. They had everything they needed to start it by July 27 however, they failed ... Read More »

      iCreditCentral – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

      Credit and Loan - Personal Loans | Auto Loans | Credit Cards | Home Loans | (20120911)

      Consumer Statement: On 8/12/2012 I submitted information to icreditcentral.com in order to obtain information about potential lenders for individuals in my credit situation. Upon submittal I received a page indicating that an error had occured. I called the phone # provided in order to obtain information about the error and was directed to voicemail. I left contact information. Noone returned ... Read More »

        Innovative Wealth Builders – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

        Ready to Collapse

        Consumer Statement: on april 2010 i got a fone call from this guy his name was tom he said that he could get me out debt told mehe will3000.00 from5000.00 asked me for a credit card and i thougt it sound good so i said ok since all they say they want is a till free number so i gave ... Read More »

          Cloud Legal Services – The Law Offices of Paul A. Herman, PA – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

          Ready to Collapse

          Consumer Statement: Once Cloud Legal, now Paul A. Herman, PA, promised to resolve debts with 4 companies. After 12+ months, nothing had been resolved. When a progress report was requested, they could provide nothing more than the original letters to my creditors. When asked to provide evidence of registration with the Colorado Attorney General’s office (as required by Colorado law), ... Read More »

            White Hills Cash – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

            White Hills Cash (20120911)

            Consumer Statement: I was researching loan company white hills cash after several attempts to resolve a $400 loan. Over 3 months several phone calls to the company and after dealing with several employees (supervisors as well as regular operators) I was fed up. When I agreed to the loan the terms were explained fradulently and I feel I was overcharged. ... Read More »

              Financial 180 Group – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

              Financial 180 - Error. (20120911)

              Consumer Statement: I am trying desperately to find out more information about Financial 180 Group. I have been sending them $1000 month for 2 years. The first year everything “has to go in arrears for us to begin negotiating on your behalf”. Then several of our accounts were settled. In between, I do not believe they have done much. However, ... Read More »

                All State Law Group / State Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 9-10-2012

                Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 1.40.09 PM

                Consumer Statement: Received a post card from a company allegedly working in conjunction with Bank of America to assist homeowners “under water” with their mortgage and or trying to keep out of foreclosure. In my case, mortgage payments were being made monthly. However I was looking to refinance at lower interest rate to reduce payment each month and possible options ... Read More »

                  Epic Military Loans / Epic Military Services Targets Vet – Consumer Complaint – 8-22-2012

                  Ready to Collapse

                  Consumer Statement: This company called Epic Military Loans keeps calling me and threatening me saying that my “record” is in serious Jeopardy. The caller doesnt specify anything else. his name is craig johnson Consumer Action Taken: I called the company back and the guy had not called back but now he is and i do not even know what it ... Read More »

                    Zeekler and Zeek Rewards Reps Allegedly Sought by the Now Notorious Dave Burke

                    Ready to Collapse

                    People keep sending me emails and posting comments that the infamous Dave Burke is making some sort of play for the Zeek MLM representatives. One commenter said, “This creep [Dave Burke] just hosted a webinar that was made to look like an official information seminar for those who got burned when another scheme (Zeek rewards) was shut down by the ... Read More »

                      Realty Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 8-22-2012

                      Ready to Collapse

                      Consumer Statement: My Name is Dennis Kuhles, Iam a 100% Disabled Combat Wounded Veteran..I fell behind on my mortgage , mater fact I paid my last mortgage payment De. of 2011. I hired Realty Law Center from Aliso Viego, CA. tHEY TOOK MY 3,000 AND SAID THEY WOULD DO A HOME MODCAFTION..No way did that happen, Iam in forclosure got ... Read More »

                        Nationwide Financial Consulting & First American Mortgage Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 8-21-2012

                        Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 2.42.24 PM

                        Consumer Statement: Nationwide Financial Conulting, First American Mortgage Solutions Complaint 148899 for $1,200.00 Reported Damages: $1,200.00 Reported 7 minutes ago I was contacted by John Farrell of Nationwide Financial Consulting Company, also know as First American Mortgage Solutions. He said his company could help me lower my principal amount on my mortgage because his team of lawyers would pull and ... Read More »

                          Homeowner Defense Network – Consumer Complaint – 8-21-2012

                          Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 2.33.02 PM

                          Update 12-10-2014 Received the following error report for this post. “This Review is Not About My Business – Please Help Hello Steve, This review: https://getoutofdebt.org/45069/homeowner-defense-network-consumer-complaint-8-21-2012 is about a company that I believe has since been closed and is not operating. The Attorney General even contacted me because we have such a similar name! If you go to their site, you ... Read More »

                            Universal Fidelity – Hollywood Video – Consumer Complaint – 8-15-2012

                            Ready to Collapse

                            Consumer Statement: I was also sent a letter from Universal Fidelity on behalf of Hollywood video that said I owed almost $140.00 which I thought was strange because I didn’t remember owing a bill to them before the went out of business. But I was trying to get a job that takes your credit into account before you are hired, ... Read More »

                              The Mortgage Law Group (Macey, Aleman & Searns) – Consumer Complaint – 8-14-2012

                              Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 9.11.22 AM

                              Consumer Statement: I was a few months behind on my mortgage due to loss of income in my household like so many americans. We turned to The Mortgage Law Group for help modification and they were very nice when I called them that is before they got my money. I called my mortgage company Bank Of America and BOC informed ... Read More »

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