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Financial Rescue – Consumer Complaint – July 27, 2015

customer service feedback

Consumer Statement: I was enrolled into Success Link Processing via Financial Rescue LLC on December 2013. I was told by my friend about the owner Rod Mercado from The Filipino Channel talking about his services so she called and enrolled with them. I was already enrolled at CCCS, when she told me to get out of that program and move ... Read More »

    Concord Resolution – Consumer Complaint – July 22, 2015

    customer service feedback

    Consumer Statement: I had a phone call from a company called Concord Resolution, and they say I owe for a payday loan and I need to pay it right now and they would not take no for an answer but I informed them that I did have a payday loan and I paid it off and I have all the ... Read More »

      Student Loan Services – Consumer Complaint – July 15, 2015

      customer service feedback

      Consumer Statement: I HAVE HAD it with ” the student loan program” they continuously call me alllllllll day and evening long, calling from a 1-872-221-6879 number and other numbers as well, if you call the number back you can press 0 to talk to someone however it gives you an option to press somthing else for other concerns or to ... Read More »

        Universal Lending Corporation – Consumer Complaint – July 6, 2015

        customer service feedback

        Consumer Statement: July 2, 2015 TO: NOVAD, 2401 NW 23RD Street, Suite 1A1 Oklahoma City, OK 73107 From: [X] Regarding: FHA Case # 052-3741597; Policy#COA5652 Copy to: American Strategic Insurance Corp, 1 ASI Way, St Petersburg, Fl. 33702 To All Concerned: My name is [X]. I recently tried to borrow monies to build a new bathroom on to my existing ... Read More »

          The Walsh Firm – Consumer Complaint – June 16, 2015

          customer service feedback

          Consumer Statement: I enrolled in a debt relief program hoping that I will be represented well to all my creditors but out of my 8 accts only 3 were settled and I’ve been paying a lot since I started . One acct which is the discover bank sued me because the Walsh firm that is representing me failed to settle ... Read More »

            US Legal Network, Data Services Co – Consumer Complaint – June 15, 2015

            customer service feedback

            Consumer Statement: I was charged an advance fee for a loan modification from a convicted Felon Payam Matinvar Consumer Action Taken: He refuses to take responsibility for breaking Federal Law while on Federal probation. Date This Problem Happened: February 12, 2015 State You Live in: California Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,000 Company Name: Data ... Read More »

              Springleaf / American Financial Services- Consumer Complaint – June 5, 2015

              customer service feedback

              Consumer Statement: This company has taken $500 from me for a loan in which I never received. They told that the funds were used for transfer fees and service fees. I should have known better. I wired the funds through Western Union. **Do not send this company any money- They are 100% fraud.** Consumer Action Taken: I tried to communicate ... Read More »

                Student Assist Plus, Trans2Pay, Student Processing Center – Consumer Complaint – June 3, 2015

                Ready to Collapse

                Consumer Statement: Sent a letter in the mail that said “Federal Student LoanConsolidation Notice”. I called the number (855)296-8133 on Feb 2015. I spoke with a guy of Student Processing Center. She mentioned that I would qualify for the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Plan, and for my my full name and address. She also asked for my social security number. ... Read More »

                  Financial Rescue, Success Link, Jack Walsh Firm, Bella Financial – Consumer Complaint –

                  customer service feedback

                  Consumer Statement: I’ve been doing some investigating of my own and here some of the things I’ve found out. First of all the member Marilyn Labre, you mentioned in your last blog about them, is actually the US citizen person that Rod Mercado married to gain passage into the US. He has been trying to divorce her but she knows ... Read More »

                    Student Assist Plus / Student Loan Education Center – Consumer Complaint – May 28, 2015

                    customer service feedback

                    Consumer Statement: I contacted this company on 02/26/2015 for assistance paying for student loans because they had sent me a letter informing me that I may qualify for help paying for my loans since I had around $30000 of student debt. The representative I talked to named Nick Leon informed me that due to my income I would qualify for ... Read More »

                      Delray Credit Counseling – Consumer Complaint – May 27, 2015

                      customer service feedback

                      Consumer Statement: I have been a client of Delray Credit Counseling since July 2014. I have paid them 1700 for a debt little over 1400. They say I still owe them. They want me to contact the payday loan companies to find out what I still owe them. I thought that was their job, they have all the account numbers. ... Read More »

                        Allstate Auto Parts – Consumer Complaint – May 18, 2015

                        customer service feedback

                        Consumer Statement: I paid them through edebitdirect.com whom I have notified that they are doing the billing for an online interstate wire fraud company. They responded they would contact allstate_autoparts.com and threaten to remove their billing account if they did not contact me to work out a solution. I suggest anyone else who paid Allstate-Autoparts.com through edebitdirect.com contact edebitdirect.com and ... Read More »

                          Family Financial Care – Consumer Complaint – May 15, 2015

                          customer service feedback

                          Consumer Statement: In 2012 my wife and I were approached by a representative for Family Financial Care and convinced that debt reduction was the best answer to our financial problems. We were reassured that the company was reputable and that we could reduce our debt by half. We signed a contract and were given a processing center that was reputable ... Read More »

                            Allstate Autoparts – Consumer Complaint – May 8, 2015

                            customer service feedback

                            Consumer Statement: Ordered transmission through an online salvage company website. Allstate-Autoparts called back and seemed to have the best deal. Paid on 04/09/15 and to date, 05/08/15 have not received the transmission. Company receipt online stated 5-9 business days for delivery. It has now been 28 days and no product received. Consumer Action Taken: Have spoken with company 3 times ... Read More »

                              Account Financial Solutions – Consumer Complaint – May 7, 2015

                              customer service feedback

                              Consumer Statement: I have been contacted several times by Account Financial Solutions on my cell phone. What made me suspicious was a call at 3am. I called back to ask that they discontinue calls and place information in writing. I was first told that my case was in finalization and being sent to Mecklenburg County Court. I was then asked ... Read More »

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