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Money Lender UK – Consumer Complaint – 7-26-2012

Money Lender | — UK Payday Loans | Online short term (20120726)

Consumer Statement: I recieved a phone call on my mobile from a company called money lender and they informed me that have recieveed a loan application from my self [as I had filled a couple of loan applications online a few days earlier]so the man on the phone checked through my loan application with me and told me that i ... Read More »

    ZAM Pharma – Consumer Complaint – 7-16-2012

    Buy online pharmacy-buy medicine,codeine,percocet,Xanax,Vicodine

    Consumer Statement: I have been suffering from back pain several years. I do not have health insurance. So I had to obtain my medications from onlinepharmacies .I ordered pain medicines from . After I paid via Western Union, never contact me. I found out he scammed me .and stole my $200 . Do not buy anything from ... Read More »

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