Collector Harassment

There are not many things worse than being the focus of collector harassment because being the focus of collector aggression makes you feel vulnerable, small, powerless, and like a victim. It robs you of security, comfort, and any feeling of security about your life.

Collectors have that sort of impact over your life because, bluntly, you just don’t know how to deal with them. If it is a debt collector calling about some account you have and you don’t regularly deal with these issues, it is completely normal for you to be the least competent person on that call to deal with the debt collector.

We have to understand what the role of the debt collector is. They are not there to voluntarily validate your debt, help you to understand if your debt is outside the statute of limitations, or worry if the amount claimed to be owed is accurate.

A modern debt collector is prompted by a computer to call a certain number of delinquent accounts each day, get payment or promises to pay, and not spend too much time on each call. The collector wants to accomplish the goals determined by their employer, get their paycheck, and go home.

Collectors really don’t make judgements about you as a person, they don’t worry about you after they hang up, and they certainly are expecting confrontation rather than an easy call with the next debtor. To better understand what a collector has to deal with, read A Day In the Life of A Debt Collector.

Collectors Harass You With Ease. Be Ready to Fight Back

Debt collectors understand that aggression, threats, and harassment are reliable tools to use to meet their targets. They understand that because those tools work. Debt collectors get paid more often by manipulating your fear, and not by appealing for your kindness.

All a debt collector has to do to harass you is tell you to “pay now or else.” It’s the “or else” that creates the fear that extracts payments from consumers, even if they don’t really owe the debt.

Collector Harassment Can be Easily Stopped

There are a number of reasons why you should not repay a debt a collector might be claiming you owe. For example, maybe it is not a debt you recognize and not your debt at all?

So many people have been fooled into making payments on a debt that they don’t even owe. The fake debt collector scam is classic that profits the scammer.

I could list countless collector tricks and scams but the bottom line is you can deal with them all if you get some professional help to work through the issues. Almost nothing beats a third-party who is experienced with debt collection issues. This might be an attorney who is licensed in your state, a trusted debt relief company, or a talented debt coach.

An experienced third-party can spot debt collector issues a mile away. It’s not their debt so they can look at the situation in an educated and non-emotional way.

No matter how educated you can become about dealing with debt collector harassment you will never be able to totally mitigate your emotional energy, fear of manipulation, and unnecessary anger about the situation. That’s why having a trusted third-party on your side is your secret weapon.

Ultimately my goal is to help you with guidance and advice to get the best outcome and not expect you will become a debt collector expert. To help you do that, here are some resources on my site you will find helpful.

Debt Collector Harassment Resources