Consumer Debt Articles

The Perfect Debt Assistance Program

Steve RhodeOct 29, 20086 min read

I can dream, can’t I? If I could get a wish for debtors it would be to wave a wand and implement this perfect debt assistance or debt relief program. Here is what the program would look like. A Sliding…

Bad Economy Leads To Opportunity

Steve RhodeOct 29, 20085 min read

It’s nice to see our friends in Scotland able to put a smile and optimism on an otherwise depressing economic time. Here is an article from Edinburgh. Nobody said it would be easy. As the threat of a deep and…

Value City. Gone.

Steve RhodeOct 29, 20083 min read

Our business strategy is quite simple. We fill our stores with a wide assortment of designer, department, discount and specialty store deals at prices substantially lower than competing department and discount stores. We use our buying expertise to drive down…

Credit cards face bad debt

Steve RhodeOct 29, 20082 min read

Consumer groups have long complained that credit card issuers push cards onto people who don’t need them or can’t afford them. They say that rising credit card defaults – just like mortgage defaults – are largely the fault of banks…

Is Consolidating Debt the Way to Go? – American Chronicle

Steve RhodeOct 29, 20081 min read

With so many ads on TV and the Internet proclaiming debt consolidation as the answer to financial difficulties, it´s no wonder many people assume it must be the ideal debt solution. The reality, however, is that many misconceptions surround the…

Debt Counselors of America – What I Learned

Steve RhodeOct 28, 20084 min read

In 1994 I decided I would start a non-profit charity to help find good solutions for bad debt problems, all I really knew was that I wanted to help people. Almost every organization at the time was named something with…