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How to be money-smart in tough times – from MoneySense magazine – CNW Group

Steve RhodeOct 27, 20081 min read

TORONTO, Oct. 27 /CNW/ – When MoneySense magazine asked readers for financial success stories for its “How I Did It” contest, entries poured in. More than 300 readers wrote in and told amazing tales of how, through smarts and determination,…

Slowdown nails contractors: Dozens of Idaho small business owners

Steve RhodeOct 27, 20085 min read

Here is a great news story that gives you a real look at some of the recent small business failures and what the court documents tell us. It helps to put a real face on what would otherwise be just…

Credit crisis hits even people not late on bills

Steve RhodeOct 26, 20082 min read

Mt. Juliet resident Wayne Anderson believed he was doing everything right. He paid his credit card bills on time and sent in regular checks on a home equity loan in California. But this month, Bank of America increased the interest…

Living (too) Large?

Steve RhodeOct 26, 20081 min read

A study by the Homeownership Preservation Foundation found that 43 percent of American households spend more than what they earn annually. Living (too) large? Lancaster Newspapers, PA – 2 hours ago The average American household carries a credit card debt of more…

Recent Debt and Foreclosure Videos I Think You Need to Watch

Steve RhodeOct 25, 20081 min read

A video about the most laid back realtor that specializes in dealing with bank owned foreclosure properties in Los Angles. [flash https://getoutofdebt.org//wp-content/uploads/foreclosure1.flv] The struggles of a real family falling behind and facing foreclosure. Their lender was unreasonable and impossible to…

Where To Seek Debt Help

Steve RhodeOct 25, 20081 min read

What’s left over is what you have to work with in order to get out of debt . When you hear the term monthly bills, that doesn’t just mean the bills you get in the mail each month. You should…