Consumer Debt Articles

Self-Help Get Out of Debt Assistance

Steve RhodeJan 17, 20081 min read

A collection of excellent get out of random debt tools and resources. Some Self-Help Programs From Others Get Out Of Debt Fast Without Bankruptcy Or…

I Wonder Where My Sister is and Who She is Today

Steve RhodeDec 30, 20072 min read

The last time I talked to my sister was probably in 2002. The irony is that the very thing that I do, help people with…

UK Bank Northern Rock In Trouble But Not Sincere

Steve RhodeSep 21, 20073 min read

As a person that communicates through words, it is hard to sometimes find the right words to use to transfer what you are feeling into…

Hasta la Vista Northern Rock

Steve RhodeSep 17, 20074 min read

Word on the street today is picking Northern Rock (LON:NRK) for a fall. Despite the UK government’s vote of confidence and the Bank of England’s…

The Ticking Time Bomb Inside The American Foreclosure Crisis

Steve RhodeSep 10, 20073 min read

Headlines and stories on the evening news frequently mention the growing foreclosure crisis in the US. Over the recent years, lenders have been giving out…