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I Think I Need to Go Bankrupt. Will They Take My Husbands Car. – Leslie

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I apologize in advance for the short response. I am currently away on vacation with limited internet but wanted to give you an answer as soon as possible. Steve Leslie “Dear Steve, I have a total of $26,000 in credit card debt that I got before I was recently married in 2008. We live in an apartment, we both own ... Read More »

    Is There Any Way to Settle Our Debts With AMEX and Beneficial? – Jennifer

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    “Dear Steve, We got ourselves into trouble with credit cards, espeically with our amex and a beneficial loan which are 18000.00 combined. Our other loans/credit cards are one for 2k, one for 1300.00 and one for 2400. the payments on the first two are killing us financially each month. Is there a way to negotiate with the creditors (mainly amex ... Read More »

      How Can I Qualify for a Loan Modification Program if the Home is Not in My Name? – April

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      “Dear Steve, My credit score was too low so my mom decided to help me with my first condo. She took a loan under her name since I could not qualify, but I had been making the mortgage payments ever since. Our names are both on the property title but the loan is only under my mom’s name. Recently, I ... Read More »

        Almost All the Money We’ve Paid Allegro Law to Settle Our Debts Has Gone to Fees. – Bob

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        “Dear Steve, After ever increasing interest charges on our accounts, we found that we could not keep up the monthly payments. We thougtht if we could space them out that we would eventually pay the bills. Allegro Law made this sound as if it was the answer to our problems. So far, we have had no help from them. Is ... Read More »

          My Son Has a Huge Mobile Phone Bill. Does He Have to Pay It? – Martin

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          Martin “Dear Steve, My son is a student at the end of his first year with 6K of debt. He went on a cheap holiday to Greece recently and lost his mobile on the last day. He cancelled his direct debit foolishly thinking that this would cancel his contract. I discovered that he had lost it and had the phone ... Read More »

            How Can I Help My Husband Realize That We Need to Save Money? – Valerie

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            “Dear Steve, My fiancee and I are getting married in a few days. We have a newborn on the way and are struggling to save up any money to buy furniture for this baby. We both have jobs and will both be keeping them throughout the marriage. However, going into this marriage he doesn’t save any money. He also has ... Read More »

              I Was in a Bad Relationship Which Has Left Me in Major Debt. – Cynthia

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              “Dear Steve, I was in a bad relationship in which has left me in major debt. I have not been able to keep up with payments, a debt consolidator slipped through a payment in which my checks are now being garnished by 25%. I cannot afford for my debt to take over. I want to be debt free. What are ... Read More »

                What Can We Do to Force Chase Bank to Give Us Realistic Repayment Terms? – David

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                “Dear Steve, My wife Shantell has two unsecured credit cards from Chase Bank. Her debt on the cards totals about $23,000.00. They are threatening to sue her on January 14 if she does not pay almost $2400 on the largest debt upfront to have the debt removed from the hands of the attorneys so she can deal directly with Chase. ... Read More »

                  I Have a Mountain of Debt. I Am Being Garnished and Thinking of Suicide. – Stacy

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                  “Dear Steve, I am in desperate need of help immediately. I have mountain of debt and am being garnished. With the garnishments I can’t pay off the debts or file bankruptcy because I am only left with barely enough to live on. Also, I have severe bipolar disorder. I got most of my debts when I “blacked out” in a ... Read More »

                    I Just Bought a House And My Soon to Be Husband is Going to File Bankruptcy. – R

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                    “Dear Steve, I just bought a house, in my name only and will be getting married next month. He is planning on filing bankruptcy due to his ex foreclosing on a house that was in both names. When he does this, will it effect my loans? Can they come after my assets, that I had before getting married? R” Dear ... Read More »

                      My House Needs a New Roof. – George

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                      “Hi Steve, Im finally on the right financial track since I am starting to pay off my $20,000 credit card balance since I stopped using the card and am now paying more than the minimum due. Also, I just started contributing to the retirement plan at work as well and also started putting a little in a savings account. Doing ... Read More »

                        Bank of America Gave Me a Settlement Amount But They Keep Changing It. – Rob

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                        “Dear Steve, I talked with Bank of America Credit card, they gave me a settlement amount, it was too much for me to pay immediately on the phone as requested. I sent them a check for the amount with a letter stating it was for the agreed amount for settlement etc. They cashed the check but never settled the amount ... Read More »

                          American Express is Chasing Me in the UK. – Lee

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                          “Dear Steve, About 8 years ago I moved to London and travelling back one day in a service station i was approachhed by a rep asking me if i was interested so ahead i went 2 weeks later a card appeared.over thenext few months the limit was maxed i was paying the payments then lost my job. I then moved ... Read More »

                            I’m Recently Married With Credit Card Debt. Can I Get a Personal Debt Consolidation Loan? – Tiffany

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                            “Dear Steve, I am recently married and have $12,000 in credit card debt. I would like to take out a personal loan with a lower interest rate to get it paid within the next 2 1/2 years…much quicker. My husband is worried that it will affect our credit score and we won’t be able to buy a home after. Would ... Read More »

                              The Cash Store Won’t Help Me to Break The Loan Cycle. – Cindy

                              CFSA Extended payment Plan EPP

                              “Dear Steve, I currently have an installment loan with The Cash Store and due to recent home repairs am no longer able to meet this obligation. The balance owed is $830 and I’ve been paying $369 every 2 weeks. I called them prior to my next due date to inform them that I am no longer able to pay and ... Read More »

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