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I Have a Really Old Judgment Against Me. When Will it Vanish Off Credit Report?

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“Dear Steve, I had a auto loan in which the car was wrecked a month after I got it thanks to the hubby in Tennessee. The car had no insurance on it to cover it when it was totaled so I was sued when I didn’t continue to make payments and they won by default cause I didn’t show cause ... Read More »

    Debt Restructure Group and Next Generation Debt Settlement is a Scam. I Want Revenge. – Joe

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    “Dear Steve, Debt Restructure Group, Next Generation Debt, Scam!!!!! Phony addresses, no service, lie, No response. Experiencing almost in exact detail what others have posted about these companies. How can we stop them! I’ve stopped the bleeding but now I want revenge…for the people! Joe” Dear Joe, I’m not really in the revenge business so I’m not sure what to ... Read More »

      What Should I Expect When I Settle My Debts? – Tes

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      “Dear Steve, I have several collections & charge-offs on my credit report. I am getting ready to have some money to hopefully pay off several of these. Today, I have contacted 5 or 6 of the companies by telephone. For one, I was told they would settle for almost half. Some of the creditors – mainly collection agencies or attorneys ... Read More »

        Macy’s Won’t Settle With Me on My Past Due Account

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        “Dear Steve, I have defaulted on a Macy’s Account. I have sent multiple letters explaining my situation and wanting to try to settle etc, but they just keep sending bills and will not respond to my request. Steve, I wanted to know what I should try to do next. My husband was laid off from work last year suddenly around ... Read More »

          3 Reasons You Should Have a Secured Card

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          Secured cards are often misunderstood. And while they are an awesome tool to use to rebuild credit, there are other advantageous uses for them as well. For example, a secured card allows you to put a shine on your credit and raise your credit score WITHOUT going into debt. People are often credit shy after having lived through a debt ... Read More »

            Can I Get My Repossessed Truck Back if I File Bankruptcy? – Melissa

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            “Dear Steve, Truck repoed yesterday and they want us to pay 22,000 in 10 days is it true if we file for bankruptcy we can ask for the truck back or is there anyway we can get it back we dont have that much and its our only means of transportation for my 3 kids Melissa” Dear Melissa, You might ... Read More »

              Single Mother Trying to Raise 6 Kids While Working Part Time. Capital One is Suing. – Sunny –

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              “Dear Steve, I’ve always paid my bills on time and eventually obtained a credit score as high as 720. I became pregnant in 2009 and 4 months into my pregnancy I started getting complications and was ordered to bed rest by my doctor. I was out on medical/family leave for my remaining 5 months so I only received half of ... Read More »

                I’m Thinking of Killing Myself So My Parents Don’t Have to Help Me Pay College Tuition. – Derek

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                “Dear Steve, Im 18 and I decided I wanted to go to school for architecture but then took two weeks of classes and I decided it wasn’t for me, and i also could no longer afford travelung and knoew i couldnt pay the tution not covered by financial aid. So I canceled my classes after two weeks and I was ... Read More »

                  National Advocacy Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 5-31-2012

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                  Consumer Statement: National Advocacy Law Center is not a ethical firm and uses deceptive sales tactics to draw desperate home owners and then leed them into Foreclosure. I’m a former Client, Dan S Consumer Action Taken: This company tryed to make me pay 6500.00 over a 30 day period for a service called “ADR” this was a nothing more than ... Read More »

                    Doug Van Arsdale and Credit Solutions Still In the Thick of It

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                    It seems that VD isn’t the only gift that keeps on giving. Apparently, running a debt relief company without a license does as well. Colorado Attorney General John Suthers just announced that his office has obtained a final agency order for civil penalties against Credit Solutions of America, LLC, a Dallas, Texas company, and Doug Van Arsdale, the company’s president, ... Read More »

                      I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Moved. Now I Need My Chapter 13 bankruptcy Modified. – Susan

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                      “Dear Steve, I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in August 2010. I had medical issues two years prior and did not pay attention to the finances due to focusing on recovering. After about 18 months I realized I was in major debt. I first went to my creditors to discuss options. I didn’t get any help from GMAC on my mortgage ... Read More »

                        ROTC Was Supposed to Pay My Tuition But I Can’t Get My Transcripts Because I Have a Bill

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                        “Dear Steve, I graduated from college in may of 2010 with roughly a 100,000 dollars of student loan debt. I have deferred my fedeal but as for private they wouldnt let me do so. So now its on my credit and i cant pay because i have no job. First question is how can i reduece this debt. My second ... Read More »

                          I Want Old Debt to Be Removed From My Credit Report. – Vivian

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                          I have debt that I would like to have removed from my credit report NH has 3 years after final payment for a debt to be collected. Is there a form letter or a few statements I could use is a letter to the the credit reporting companies to have them remove these debts from my credit report? This is ... Read More »

                            I Was a Dumbass That Has Poor Money Management. Now American Express is Suing Me. – Jasper

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                            “Dear Steve, First, thank you for volunteering your time, knowledge and past experiences with dumb**ses like me who used poor money management in the past and are now paying for it. I’ve read thru much of your site and found many helpful pages in preparing me to get back on track, especially the 7 stages of debt. I have 2 ... Read More »

                              I Borrowed Money From the Cash Store But Can’t Pay It Anymore. – Michelle

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                              I owe the cash store about 600dlls and I just cant pay it anymore..I had refinance And I got the check back and it has the info to who its payable too..I was thinking of doing a stop payment but im afraid it wont work and that they try to take out the funds.. what should I do im confused ... Read More »

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