Debt Counseling

What is debt counseling?

You would think that would be an easy question to answer, but you would be wrong.

The term Debt counseling is used for so many things in the debt relief world. It is a generic term many debt relief companies use incorrectly. Some use it as a general term to sell all sorts of debt help, and others should use it but don’t.

Credit counselors help people with financial problems to get budget advice and enter a repayment plan. However, those people are not offering information on credit. They are providing advice on debt.

The Best Debt Counseling Advice

The best debt advice you can get will come from a debt counselor or debt coach who is not a commissioned salesperson.

You need to find a debt advisor who can look at your overall situation and come up with a plan to deal with the present and future. The best debt coach is someone who is knowledgeable about all sorts of debt solutions. They can create a custom plan based on your situation.

The necessary debt counseling skills.

One of the best Debt Coaches I know is Damon Day. He typifies what you should look for in someone to help you. But feel free to find someone similar to Damon who can help you.

Your debt counselor should be able to think creatively, pull in various tools and solutions, and help you to implement the plan.

Every situation is unique and you deserve a solution to the debt problem that applies to you. Otherwise what you are buying is a debt solution that is trying to cram you to fit.

If you call a debt settlement company and they only try to sell you debt settlement, think twice. The same goes for calling a credit counselor and being sold just a debt management plan as a solution.