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2 thoughts on “Debt Relief Company Review Submission Form”

  1. Mortgages – ILLEGAL as well as UNLAWFUL!
    We have known, for quite a while, that every single mortgage ever established was unlawful. Because there is ZERO “Contractual Consideration” from the Finance Company … because they create the so-called “finance” out of thin air. This was discussed in the 2nd Edition of my book.
    Thanks to someone who has pored through a load of Statutes, we now discover that mortgages are also illegal – in other words – ‘not legal even under Statute’.
    IT IS A FACT that – when applying for a mortgage – one is sent a Title Deed to sign. And whoever is applying for the mortgage signs and dates it, and posts it back to the Finance Company.
    There is only space on the Title Deed for the Applicant(s) to sign. There is no space for the signature of the Finance Company (i.e. ‘Representative’) to sign.
    Thus the Title Deed does NOT, in itself, form a Lawful Contract.
    Another way of describing a mortgage is to call it a “disposition”. A “disposition” of funds (to pay for the dwelling being purchased).
    Now, the full argument is here.
    What that is saying is that the mortgage is only created (according to Statute) when the Charge is lodged at the Land Registry.
    This only happens after the Title Deed has been signed and returned to the Finance Company.
    Thus the actual creation of the mortgage (“disposition”) is in the future of the Title Deed.
    And the Statutes state specifically that any Contract for a future disposition, must bear the signature of BOTH Parties.
    And, since the Title Deed only bears the signature of the Applicant, this fails to create the necessary “Contract for the future disposition”.
    Which means that “lodging the Charge with the Land Registry” was entirely fraudulent.
    “Entirely fraudulent” means “null & void in Law”.
    Thus to claim “possession” – at the time of foreclosure – is “utterly, and completely, entirely fraudulent, and thoroughly reprehensible” … even according to Statute!
    So, you say, “Well, why don’t the Finance Companies correct this by applying their own signatures, then?” … to which the answer is: “What signature?” … something like “A. B – for, and on behalf of, XYZ Finance Ltd”? DO YOU REALLY THINK MR. A. B IS GOING TO PUT HIS NAME TO AN UNLAWFUL FRAUD? (It’s always UNLAWFUL, don’t forget!)
    They have got away with this fraud, because THEY DON’T SIGN ANYTHING … and because THAT OMISSION has gone unnoticed for so long … because people are INDOCTRINATED at school, as opposed to being “educated”.
    When, during your childhood, and young adulthood – even during your life – were these things explained to you … things such as YOUR ACTUAL, FUNDAMENTAL, RIGHTS?
    The whole thing, “society today”, operates “by omission”. George Orwell said “Omission is the biggest form of a lie”. You want proof that is true? OK, consider the Oath that Witnesses must take, before giving testimony to a Jury: “I do solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.
    That’s just another way of saying: “I swear not to omit anything relevant”, isn’t it? Which means that “omission” is tantamount to perjury.
    Other links:
    Land Registration Act 2002, Section 27(1)
    Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989, Section 2(1), 2(3), 2(5)c, and 2(6)


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