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“If you are considering a debt settlement approach to resolve your debt, or any sort of debt relief program for that matter, I recommend that you speak with independent debt coach Damon Day and schedule a personal telephone consultation with him to review your situation.

Damon Day will provide an independent analysis of any company you want to work with to make sure you will not be cheated.”

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Debt settlement is a valid solution for some people, but not all. The people most likely to get the best results from debt settlement are those that have cash on hand to settle their debts right away.

Other people might also find that debt settlement will work in their situation but it really depends on your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind that when you are talking to a debt settlement sales person they are trying to sell you something. They are not financial advisors or independent parties.

Here is a recent podcast I did on just this specific topic.

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I also encourage you to talk to any debt settlement company you want to. Hear what they have to say and then use the resources on this page to help you make a final determination about what path you should follow.

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