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10 thoughts on “Free UK Debt Help and Debt Advice”

  1. hi john! hope you are well.
    i was in the Uk on a student visa upto 2017 july and got an AMEX card around april 2017. i had a debt of 1,600 pounds on the card which i intended and still intend to pay. but the isuuse is that after suddenly returning in june, i was not able to pay installments as banking system in my country is quite outdated and wont recognise payments to AMEX.
    now i have had no contact with AMEX and am planning to return to the UK in 2021 sep for my masters degree and may utilise the post study work visa and work for one or 2 years in the UK after graduation.
    before i contact AMEX i would like to know 2 things:
    will this debt show up on my police clearance certificate? ACRO and DBS
    will the debt effect my credit history?
    if the record exists, will it effect my employability as i am perusing a degree in FINtech.

    your help would be appreciated!


  2. Hi,I am an international student and while studying in the UK during my last year I was unable to pay the tuition fees due to bad financial problems at home where I got support from my family I decided to return back home however if I want to return back to the Uk with a holiday visa will that be an issue when applying or upon arrival in the UK?

  3. Navin,

    I understand your circumstance, and who is it you owe, what creditors?

    Have you spoken to them about your situation?

    Has your Visa been cancelled or is still just a threat?

    If you have been in the UK for 6 years, depending on the type of Visa you have, you may be able to apply for an Indefinite Stay Visa. Which while it does not get you work or a job, it allows you to stay in the UK and look for work.

    With that being said, if you leave debt(s) in the UK, and move to India, the creditors here in the UK may try to chase you for payment there in India, but they have no authority to collect the accounts there.

    So i you cannot set-up a payment plan or meet the agreed payments, you cannot pay them, and there is nothing they an do. It would be more of you moving and getting your life on there in India and dealing with the UK accounts later when you can.

    I would expect you to have more questions on this, so ask away, and I will help and advise as i can.



    • I don’t know if my visa was cancelled because I came back to my home country months before the expiration of my visa,I don’t know if I have any records at the immigration if I apply for a visa and might get rejected, i would like to know if because of all this i might be stopped at the immigration for questioning?

  4. Hi Jon,

    I’m a US citizen who has a discharged bankruptcy in the US. Im looking to move to the UK after my wedding with my british fiancé but he’s had some trouble finding an apartment due to my bankruptcy. Is there something we should be saying alongside the bankruptcy when looking for a place. I wouldn’t be moving until the summer but he needs a place now. Not sure if you know of what information or documentation I would need from the US courts to be able to present proof of this being discharged. Is there anything that would improve the situation?


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