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  • Hai jon…..i have one question regarding my dependent visa from india outcome on my wife student visa…
    Well i stayed in uk on my student visa from 2010 to 2012 i left this country now i want to come back to uk after 4 yeras on my wife student visa but the problem is i have a debit of less than 4000£ in uk now i want to come backk to uk but iam afraid will this be a problem for me for getting dependent visa….iam sure i will pay all the amount once if i returned to uk but first will uka grant me entry clearance to uk or not i mean dependent visa…i didnt have any criminal offences not at all…plz help me my frnd i am really tensed…plzzzz help me…

  • hi, I am under a DRO and live in a council flat. I wish to swap with someone else who lives in a house. Same size, with slightly more expensive rent, but I also receive housing benefit and am self employed. Would it be a problem for me to move if under a DRO?

  • I had an hsbc account which charged me 8 pounds a month i did not close my account while leaving the country as i was student and did not care that much and i bought a phone on contract with t mobile and left the country on 2012 and knw i am planning a leasure trip with my wife to uk i have a canadian passport.. Would i face any problem at the immigrations

  • Does credit cards debt (from UAE) affect on partner temporary visa application in oz?

    Police cases from credit card companies are there against me but i know thats not a crime here in Australia but in UAE /Gulf states only. Im currently on BVA waiting for 820 visa to be granted. I have already submitted a UAE police certificate as well.

    I lodge application 15 month ago but debt for the c cards happened just 7 month ago !
    Back ground check is in process, as my case officer says; Bounced cheques (as guarantee of credit card debt) is a crime in UAE but for sure not here in Australia.

  • Hi Jon

    I have been in the UK for about 6 years and I was in a very good job and everything was going really well up until end of last year and now my visa sponsor has been having issues with my employers and they are threatening to cancel my visa which will leave me with no option other than to leave the country and go to India for now.

    I have a debt of around 14000£ with 4 creditors totalling and with the pay abroad I possibly cannot pay the debts and I need your advice on this please

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