Biden Administration Flirts With Student-Loan Debtors: Throw Me A Moon Pie, Mister!

Biden Administration Flirts With Student-Loan Debtors: Throw Me A Moon Pie, Mister!

Mardis Gras parades are an ancient tradition in New Orleans, going back to the eighteenth century. Social clubs called krewes sponsor these parades, and krewe members throw trinkets called throws at parade-goers. Typically, a throw is a necklace of plastic beads, but krew members also throw toys, small stuffed animals, and plastic souvenir cups. Every year, Louisianians … Read more

Opendoor Accused of Cheating Home Sellers

The Federal Trade Commission today took action against online home buying firm Opendoor Labs Inc., for cheating potential home sellers by tricking them into thinking that they could make more money selling their home to Opendoor than on the open market using the traditional sales process. The FTC alleged that Opendoor pitched potential sellers using … Read more

Payment Processor First American Stopped Trapping Small Businesses with Surprise Exit Fees and Zombie Charges

The Federal Trade Commission today took action against payment processing company First American Payment Systems and two of its sales affiliates for trapping small businesses with hidden terms, surprise exit fees, and zombie charges. The FTC alleges that the defendants made false claims about fees and cost savings to lure merchants, many of whom had … Read more

Thank You For Suggesting I Contact HELPS. So Kind.

Question: Dear Steve, A while back, I contacted you regarding my living on disability and being unable to pay the increased interest rates on my cards. You recommended HELPS Nonprofit Legal Services. These people are fantastic. They contacted each creditor and let them know they represent me. The services are free for certain income levels. … Read more

Why Should I Have to Fight to Get My Student Loans Forgiven Under PSLF?

Question: Dear Steve, I went to college and was offered PSLF loan forgiveness for ten years of public service, which I started in 2011 and still work for the Commonwealth. I have filled out paperwork since they have these new programs that I shouldn’t have to split for. I have already full filled 120 payments … Read more

Who Do You Think Gets Scammed More Often: Older or Younger People?

A paper published in the Harvard Journal on Legislation presents some interesting data that will test your beliefs and assumptions regarding fraud and scams. James Toomey wrote The Age of Fraud, in which the data is educational and surprising. Toomey presents a common belief that people over 65 are more targeted for fraud and scams … Read more