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Holly Writes In “I’ve Kept This Secret From Him For a Long Time.”

Steve RhodeSep 9, 20083 min read

Holly wrote in and asked her question through the GetOutofDebt.org site. You can too. “Hey there, I have been with my boyfriend awhile now, and we’ve just started to talk about purchasing a house and getting a joint credit card.…


Anne Writes In “I Am Going Crazy With Worry”

Anne wrote me through the GetOutofDebt.org site and asked for help. You can write me also and ask for help. Anne says “I have a large debt load and I…


Jess Writes In “My Mobile Home Has a Hole In It”

Jess used the form at the bottom of this post to send in the following question. “My babies mother and I have lived in a mobile home for the past…


Catherine Asks If There Is Hope Or Help For Debt

Catherine writes in: “My husband and I are behind on a few of our loans and one is a vehicle payment and the other if a flexline loan( pretty much…


Janie Writes in “Are Debt Counselors Safe?”

Janie wrote me and asked me the following question: “I’m running into deep debt and I’m thinking of using one of the debt counselors I’ve seen on my local television…


Lenora Asks The Squirrel – “What Should I Do About My Debts?”

Lenora wrote to me and asked: Dear Get Out of Debt Squirrel, What should I do about my debts? I am trying to set up a budget, but even with…