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Student Loans

Student loan debt is a noose around the necks of so many consumers, their family, parents and friends. It is so easy to get into student loan debt, yet it’s one of the more difficult types of debt to deal with. While federal student loans have free programs that can help with the debt, the loan servicers who you turn to for help and advice do a horrible job of giving the right advice. Private student loan debt was always a trap. Sold as the easy way to finance a better future, it has become an unaffordable trap which ruins the lives of many.

The good news is there are options for dealing with unaffordable student loan debt. These options range from enrolling in a federal government income-driven repayment plan, settling private student loan debt for half of what you owe, or eliminating some federal and private student loans in bankruptcy.

Dealing with student loan debt is complicated, frustrating, confusing, and often feels hopeless. The reality is depending on the type of student loan debt and your circumstances, the outcomes of reduced payment solutions, setting your debt, or having it forgiven can be a reality.

Can I Declare Student Loan Bankruptcy?

If your financial situation is in dire straits, you might have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Student loan bankruptcy is no different from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In most cases, student loan debt can’t be discharged when you file for bankruptcy.


Choosing Student Loan Debt Relief Companies

Not everyone who goes to college is fortunate enough to have it paid for. A lot of parents can’t afford to fund college accounts for their kids and a retirement fund for themselves, and most financial advisors would tell you that your retirement should come before your kids’ college funds.


Student Loan Assistance Guide

You might be fresh out of college, or a few years out. Are you thinking about retirement yet? You might be, but not in the sense of how you’re going to fund it. If you’re saddled with outrageous student loan debt, you probably haven’t given retirement funding a thought and that’s going to cost you hundreds of thousands of lost dollars when you are old and need it most.


Student Loan Debt Solutions

There’s no doubt about it—college is expensive. And if your parents didn’t have a college fund set up for you or pay for it themselves and you didn’t get scholarships or financial aid, your only option is student loans, which means you’ll graduate with a mountain of student loan debt.