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For the past year or so I’ve been writing about student loans and the seemingly impossible task of dealing with them. As a result of my research, I wrote the free guide The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford.

I’ve also seen a rise in the number of companies that are selling student loan assistance programs. Many are expensive and problematic. I wrote about that in Student Loan Assistance Rescue Scams On the Rise – Buyer Beware.

And I got a lot of heat about writing how student loans may be able to be discharged in bankruptcy. People say that’s not possible. Yet they are wrong. See How to Really Discharge Your Student Loans in Bankruptcy. Many Can. But Never Try.

And while conventional wisdom is there are few, if any solutions for student loan problems, my ongoing interest, and research into this area shows that it is just not true. And while reduced repayment programs for government-subsidized and unsubsidized loans are available for free through the Department of Education, there are also some very good solutions for private student loans as well through attorneys who specialize in this area.

Are You Struggling With Student Loans?

If you have read my free guides on how to deal with your student loans and what to look for in a good student loan assistance program and still need help, complete the form below and I’ll help you get to a knowledgeable professional who can provide you with assistance.

My Friend Damon Day

For years I’ve mentored Damon Day. He’s a very unique debt coach that specializes in developing solutions for difficult student loan situations. He is exceptionally qualified to develop a custom plan to resolve both federal and private student loan debt. He is the person I recommend to the friends and family I care about.

If you want to work with a friendly student loan expert then I feel Damon is the best person in the United States to contact. If you just want a commissioned mass-market salesperson to sell you a student loan solution, I wish you luck.

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16 thoughts on “Student Loan Help – Discharge, Eliminate, Settle or Adjustment Assistance”

  1. I’ve been researching how to respond to Borrower’s Defense Fund rejecting my request for Student Loan Forgiveness from Ashford University. I applied in 2016/2017. Only option was an online form where I DID submit any emails I had (as that is the only way Ashford communicated other than by phone with me) to support my claims of fraud and illegal tactics. A class action lawsuit Sweet VS Devos was won and it forced Dept. of Ed to review over 100,000 claims in 3 months. Of course, as I expected, I received a letter within 4 weeks and I was declined. it said I had not given any proof to any claims. Now, I don’t have those emails (old email was stolen/spoofed so I don’t have it any more or access to it) and as an online form, they don’t show up. Now, I’m researching Ashford and finding out about all the other lawsuits they have lost for these exact reasons. I need to and wish to respond to BDF because I now have no income and lost my husband to cancer in October. I fear I will lose my home. I have good credit but can’t refi because of debit to income ratio (all student loan debt) loans have been accruing interest fo 10 years so the balance is now at $35,915.28 – much more than it started out at and that amount ended up being more than Ashford said it would be. I don’t know how to dispute the rejection of Borrowers Defense Fund effectively and need to do it soon. Any advice is appreciated.

  2. Every time my loan is sold it increases by $10k or more. I now owe more than double my original loan. Is there any leverage to have the fees and surcharges waived? Or is there a legal advocate that can significantly reduce them?

    • Is this a private for federal student loan? Depending on the type of loan there can be a surcharge added for collection fees. But if this is a private student loan then you may be able to negotiate a settlement of the amount due. Who is holding the loan now?


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