My Wife Was Issued a 1099-C By American Express for Her Sister’s Debt

Question: Dear Steve, A 1099C was issued in my wife’s name for debt her sister incurred and that was credited to my wife as income to the IRS. This was of an approved settlement my sister paid to American Express. I spoke to American Express Customer service three times and was told there is no …

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How Can I Get My 1099-C Reported in the Correct Year?

Question: Dear Steve, I had a joint auto loan from 2015, my ex was the only person to ever use the car. Divorced in 2016. Her car her responsibility in divorce we agreed. She didn’t pay, Car repossessed in 2018. Settled Dec 2019/Jan 2020. I sent the payment in December but they didn’t process until …

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Kaplan and Seager 1099-C Collection Letter Does Not Add Up

Question: Dear Steve, Received what looks like a collection letter threatening to file a 1099-C if I don’t pay a debt that supposedly happened 17 YEARS AGO. Firm is called Offices of Kaplan and Seager. Not much online about them, I’ve never had any other contact from them. They claim I had an account with …

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