National Secure Processing – Consumer Complaint – September 21, 2017

Consumer Statement: I don’t know these people three years ago my student loan was reviewed and after. 7 yrs of payments in the amt of 67.08 the loan would be terminated. Consumer Action Taken: I never subscribed to these people who are they? Each time i call i get a bogus response from a machine … Read more

National Secure Processing – Consumer Complaint – April 28, 2016

Consumer Statement: I was contacted by a company in March 2014 who presented themselves as holders of my consolidated student loan and said that I may qualify for a reduced monthly payment, based on my income. After a conversational exchange about my income, etc., they said that my new student loan payment would be $68/month, … Read more

National Secure Processing – Consumer Complaint – October 27, 2015

Consumer Statement: I filed for a loan consolidation with Nelnet in September of 2014. Payments of $44.08 have been held out of my account for the past year but I just recently found out the payments were not held out by Nelnet. They are being held out by a company called National Secure Processing. I … Read more