National Employees Benefits Group, Tim Gibbons – Consumer Complaint – February 2, 2017

Consumer Statement: I made monthly payments to United Employee Benefits Group totaling over $3000. to negotiate with my credit card companies to lower my debt, they never did any negotiating or paid anything to the companies. There was a clause in the contract that stated that I could cancel if I wasn’t satisfied,I tried but …

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United Employee Benefits Group – Consumer Complaint – April 23, 2015

Consumer Statement: I have been scammed by UEBG. I enrolled with this company August 2011. Checked the BBB and they had an A- rating @ that time. Thought I had covered my bases. Wrong! Rick Stone was my financial representative. I have saved every email that I received from them and every email I wrote …

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United Employee Benefits Group – Consumer Complaint – November 27, 2012

Consumer Statement: The company claimed to be able to get a mortgage loan modification for us. After more thana year the mortgage company served us with Foreclosure papers indicating that the company didn’t do anything for us. Consumer Action Taken: I have sent emails to the company asking for a total refund of monies sent …

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