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My Addictions Have Left Me Broke and Hopeless. – Jane

Drowning swimmer

“Dear Steve, I don’t know where to start. I am an alcoholic and a drug addict. I got sober when I was 25 years of age. I had no education or skills. I went on welfare. I went to college after that and obtained a professional degree and license. I also met my husband and had two sons. I had ... Read More »

    I Had a Brain Tumor and Then Became Addicted to Pain Killers. – Jim

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    “Dear Steve, Dear Steve, I was making about $100,000 year as a registered ER nurse. I had a tumor close to my brain removed. Became addicted to narcotics, told my work and board of nursing, checked myself into 28 days inpatient and 5 months outpatient 5 days then 3 days last 2 months. On unemployment extension, not paying: my private ... Read More »

      I’m in Debt Because I’m Addicted to Pornography and Adult Films


      “Dear Steve, I over extended myself. My consumer debt may be due to an addiction to watching prono films. What can I do about that?” This is not the first or even the hundredth time people have asked me something similar involving all sorts of fetishes, pornography, sexual interests, etc. First let’s start with the understanding that the debt is ... Read More »

        Next Step MasterCard Targets Addicts. Makes Them Jones for It to Work.

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        The new Next Step MasterCard has a special purpose, it’s supposed to make it harder for addicts to partake of their vice and use their debit card as the needle. The debit card restricts use at locations that people might be tempted to unload their debit card to feed their habit. Places like liquor stores, bars, gambling places, ATMs, tattoo ... Read More »

          My Wife Went Bankrupt Last Year And Now She Has 20 Payday Loans and is in Trouble Again. – Michael

          Ready to Collapse

          Michael “Dear Steve, My soon to be ex wife and I went bankrupt in May 2008, mainly because of her excessive spending, gambling and check writing. She is now over 35,000 in debt again and trying to hit me up for large sums of money (I do not have) to bail her out. I dont know anyway for her to ... Read More »

            Julie Says “My Husband Is Addicted To Porn And We Are Going Broke Because Of It”

            Ready to Collapse

            Julie “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been married for seven years now. We have two kids. He travels a lot and when he comes home he says he is tired and just needs time alone. I’ve discovered that he is ordering a lot of pay per view porn movies when he is home and last month is cost ... Read More »

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